Clio Renaultsport Nav 200 Auto at speed

CLIO Renault Sport Nav 200 Auto

From £20,445 OTR

Style and performance as standard

Engine and Transmission

The direct injection, four-cylinder, 16-valve engine is smaller in capacity to the previous generation model – but is fitted with a turbocharger that offers peak power of 200hp. 

The engine’s flexible character is perfectly complemented by the new six-speed EDC (efficient dual clutch) transmission, which provides perfectly matched ratios that can be selected using automatic or manual shifts. 

This new combination of powerplant and transmission is at the heart of Renault Sport’s development of the model. 

Clio Renaultsport Nav 200 Auto on a race track
  • Clio Renaultsport Nav 200 Auto chassis diagram
  • Clio Renaultsport Nav 200 Auto suspension diagram
“Our target was to maximise the potential of the engine and dual-clutch transmission. Beyond mere cutting-edge performance, we worked hard to ensure the car was pleasant to drive and provided good feedback. “Its three modes – Normal, Sport and Race – correspond with the requirements of any driver, including the most sporting. "
Renaud Hautz, Renault Sport Technologies Powertrain Driveability Leader

Weight saving measures have trimmed 36kg from the kerb weight (to 1,204kg – without any added options) which helps secure startling performance. Nought to 62 mph takes just 6.7 seconds and 1,000 metres can be covered in 27.1 seconds from a standing start. Put the car on track on an unrestricted autobahn, and you can take it up to a maximum 143 mph.

In each benchmark, Clio Renault Sport Nav 200 Auto performs better than its predecessor, and that’s true too for its emissions and official fuel consumption figures, at 144g/km and 44.8 mpg (combined cycle).

Renault’s mission was to make the new model adaptable to suit different moods and driving demands, whether it’s everyday journeys, motorway cruising or out-and-out performance driving. 

Performance features at a glance:

  • Power output 200hp
  • Acceleration: 0-60mph in 6.7s
  • Top speed: 143 mph
  • Max torque: 240Nm available between 1,750 and 5,500rpm
  • EDC downshift time: less than 150 milliseconds 
  • Fuel economy and COemissions: 44.8 mpg combined and 144g/km
Clio Renaultsport Nav 200 Auto engine shot

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