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R.S Drive Sport Mode

One touch of the R.S. Drive button and you can instantly swap between Neutral and Sport driving modes. Depending on your requirements, you can alter the responsiveness of the 4CONTROL chassis, the engine and gearbox mapping, the steering configuration and accelerator pedal sensitivity. It's up to you!

Automatic EDC gearbox

For sportier use, the All-New Mégane GT's automatic gearbox uses double clutch technology to allow you to pre-engage lower or higher gears. Your gear changes can then be achieved in just 0.3 seconds. For more everyday use, with its seven speeds, fluidity and responsiveness, the EDC gearbox offers you comfort, dynamism and reduced fuel consumption.

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The most powerful engine offered, the TCe 205, with EDC 7-speed automatic gearbox with dual clutch transmission, provides sporty pick-ups and clean acceleration. It gives strong sensations and allows you to use Launch Control (significantly faster "standing start" function) and Multi Change-down (accelerated multi-downshift), two custom technologies developed by Renault Sport. TCe 205 GT: 47.1mpg and 134g/km of CO2

*Manufacturers recommended retail price. Model shown has optional metallic paint at £645.


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