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Allen Collen has worked within the motor industry for the past 20 years. Starting at the ground and working up he has developed a wide appreciation for what is required and what can be achieved. Currently Allen works with RUK looking after the technical aspects of their Motorsport programs as well as providing technical support for special projects and other bespoke activities.


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Suspension/Steering Bang on full lock

I have a 2017 Clio 220 Trophy, when stationary and turning the steering to the right on full lock you get a loud bang from underneath the car, it has only just started to do this. It’s only done 2700 miles and has not hit any kerbs or potholes, any ideas

Steve, 6th Dec 2017

Suspension/Steering Bang on full lock

Hi - you should have a Renault dealer look at it, that doesn't sound right

jeremytownsend.jpg Jeremy Townsend, 6th Dec 2017

Renaultsport 172 sales data

I saw a post years back on how many renaultsport 172's where sold and there colours. the link I have found only takes me to this home page, is this information still about ???

Dan Everitt , 29th Nov 2017

Renaultsport 172 sales data

Hi - sorry, it's not

jeremytownsend.jpg Jeremy Townsend, 29th Nov 2017

clio200 gear selector trim

hi the tiny mirror finish insert on the top of the gear knob has snapped on my 2015 rs clio lux (lm15otw). i cant find the part listed anywhere. printed on the underside is (ficosa 112103383) can you help?

jon, 18th Nov 2017

clio200 gear selector trim

Hi - a Renault dealership will be able to find the part number and tell you the price for it

jeremytownsend.jpg Jeremy Townsend, 18th Nov 2017

Alarm issue on a 250

Anyone had an issue with alarm on a 260/265/275 ? When I go to unlock using keyless entry I get the constant alarm tone until I get in and then it's fine. Also if I sometimes go to unlock car using keycard button it doesn't seem to fully unlock the car (although I can get in) and I get same symptom as above. Any help would be great. Thanks

Marcus, 28th Oct 2017

Alarm issue on a 250

Hi - sounds very odd. I don't think it's something you can fix yourself, it's going to need a dealership to have a look at it for you

jeremytownsend.jpg Jeremy Townsend, 28th Oct 2017

CO2 Emissions - Clio RS Lux Cup pack

Hi, Having recently bought my car in the UK, I am in the middle of trying to have it registered here in Ireland. Part of the process means paying an additional vehicle registration tax which hangs largely on its value and carbon output. They've put the car in the higher band of 144 g/kg where most specs on Renault dealer websites, and other sites quote 133 g/kg. The financial difference is substantial. Are you able to confirm the actual carbon emissions value? I'd be greatful if you could as it might help put it to bed. Thanks, Lewis

Lewis, 25th Oct 2017

CO2 Emissions - Clio RS Lux Cup pack

The CO2 emissions are shown on your UK V5 certificate. Or you can check them here:

jeremytownsend.jpg Jeremy Townsend, 25th Oct 2017

megane RS

Hi Jeremy, I realise it may be a tad too late now, but has anyone thought that coloured brake calipers look much better than the standard silver ones on my GT, also coloured seat belts?

bobby boy, 24th Oct 2017

megane RS

Hi - they do look good but those items are reserved for the R.S. models

jeremytownsend.jpg Jeremy Townsend, 24th Oct 2017

2011 Megane RS 265 Trophy

Recently the last few days I have noticed when under hard acceleration (High RPM) and upshifting from fourth to fifth I have noticed a slight hesitation to engage gear correctly, a feeling of something blocking the gate. If I depress the clutch then disengage the gear then depress the clutch again it engages correctly. This problem only occurs when changing to fifth and does not affect any other gear at all. Also this problem only occurs at high RPM and at slower speeds, fifth gear works perfectly The rest of the gears work perfectly at all speeds. In your experience is this a common fault? If so what do you think is causing it?

Daniel Marsh, 23rd Oct 2017

2011 Megane RS 265 Trophy

Sounds odd and I think that a Renault dealer ought to check it for you

jeremytownsend.jpg Jeremy Townsend, 23rd Oct 2017

Brakes Clio IV / Twingo III GT

Hi! I would like to ask if the front calipers of the New Twingo GT are the same as the ATE of the Clio 90 dCi. Additionally, If the aluminium pedals of the Twingo fit the Clio. Thank you

John, 18th Oct 2017

Brakes Clio IV / Twingo III GT

Hello John, The brake components do not share the same parts numbers and i'd not endorse swapping them over in case there were any safety issues. Same for the brake pedal pads.

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 18th Oct 2017