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Allen Collen has worked within the motor industry for the past 20 years. Starting at the ground and working up he has developed a wide appreciation for what is required and what can be achieved. Currently Allen works with RUK looking after the technical aspects of their Motorsport programs as well as providing technical support for special projects and other bespoke activities.


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Clio 200 Speedo Clock

Im looking to find out the exact paint colour and paint code for the grey colour in the Clio 200 dash speedo. The Clio 197 has a silver trim on the inside of teh speedo clock and the 200 has a grey colour.

Marc Bruce, 16th Oct 2017

Clio 200 Speedo Clock

Hello Marc, Please contact Renault Customer Relations they will be able to assist you further.

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 16th Oct 2017

Twingo GT

I have purchased a Twingo GT, and wondered if there are an options for a rev counter? Thanks

Andy, 13th Oct 2017

Twingo GT

Hello Andy, Yes, it’s available through the R&GO app. Best,

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 13th Oct 2017

Aerodynamic design

I'm looking for an apprenticeship and am keen to pursue aerodynamic design (for F1), prefereably in a degree-type apprenticeship, although studying part time is always an option. Is there a way to do this with Renault?

Rhys, 14th Oct 2017

Aerodynamic design

Hi Rhys, Please visit the careers page on the renaultsport F1 site - it has a section on careers and Renault is an advocate on developing talent. Best of luck,

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 14th Oct 2017

new megane rs (1)

Hi Jeremy, Despite what a lot of people seem to be saying regarding the EDC with paddle shifts, personally with my GTnav and coupled with the 4way steering, I have to say that the car is truly masterful through the tightest of bends, the feedback and confidence just flood into the driver, I honestly never believed that a car would handle itself as good as my old Mini1275GT, but OMG the Megane GT is awesome, and now you add more everything with the upcoming RS- I want one!! I have seen the figures being quoted circa £30,000 but with this new engine can you tell me the service intervals so as to factor in a service package? Cheers

bobby boy, 13th Oct 2017

new megane rs (1)

Hi - glad you're enjoying your GT. The service intervals for the new Megane R.S. will be 2 years/12,000 miles

jeremytownsend.jpg Jeremy Townsend, 13th Oct 2017

Waiting time for RS Clio 220

I've placed an order for RS Clio 220 in July and still waiting for a delivery date. Is it possible to track the progress being made?

Tanim, 12th Oct 2017

Waiting time for RS Clio 220

Hi Tanim, It's best to follow this matter with the selling dealer. They have up to date information and can confirm any details. Best,

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 12th Oct 2017

Clio wiring

Hi I have a 2015 Clio I'm trying to fit led trunk light it connects to your acc. break light. indicators. Small 12v light can you help with what colour wires are the acc? 12v wire indicators and brake lights looked all over the net can't get a definitive answer. Thanks

Kevin, 11th Oct 2017

Clio wiring

Hello Kevin, I'm not sure if i understand your question. If you are attempting to connect a further lamp to the car's electrical circuit you should either establish the purpose of each wire you can access with a multi meter or seek an auto electrician to support you. Best,

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 11th Oct 2017

Waiting time for RS Clio 220

Hi Jeremy,I've ordered mine in first week of July and still waiting on delivery date. Is there any way I can track the progress ie built and waiting inspection or waiting to be transferred etc? The wait is agonising..

Tanim, 11th Oct 2017

Waiting time for RS Clio 220

Hi - there's no online tracking that you can access but your dealership will be able to see all of the dates

jeremytownsend.jpg Jeremy Townsend, 11th Oct 2017

Clio 220 trophy alignment issue

Hi. I purchased a 3 month old clio 220 trophy last weekend. I noticed immediately that it started pulling to the ;left quite badly when at speeds over 60mph. I took it in for alignment and it was apparent that the front left toe was out. The garage made the changes however on a test drive the issue persisted. I returned to the garage and they notified me that I would need head back to the dealership to have the steering rack re-aligned, unsure if this is an accurate diagnosis. Its clear the steering wheel is off center when driving straight as well. Any help would be great

Ben Barnard, 9th Oct 2017

Clio 220 trophy alignment issue

Hello Ben. It seems strange that it needs adjustment? But if it's still not correct i'd suggest getting a dealer to check it thoroughly and make the necessary adjustments. Best,

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 9th Oct 2017