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Allen Collen has worked within the motor industry for the past 20 years. Starting at the ground and working up he has developed a wide appreciation for what is required and what can be achieved. Currently Allen works with RUK looking after the technical aspects of their Motorsport programs as well as providing technical support for special projects and other bespoke activities.


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Latest Questions

Clio 4 trophy

Can i drive the car hard after 1000km

Hussein, 24th Jan 2018

Clio 4 trophy

the car is run in after 100km so can be driven normally

jeremytownsend.jpg Jeremy Townsend, 24th Jan 2018

RS Monitor (1)

I have a 2011 Clio 200, I have the bluetooth radio, is it possible to get the RS Monitor enabled? Thanks

Jack Williams, 20th Jan 2018

RS Monitor (1)

Hi - sorry, it's not something that can be added afterwards

jeremytownsend.jpg Jeremy Townsend, 20th Jan 2018

F series engine

Hi Are F5R and F4R engine blocks interchangeble? To clear up: I have Espace IV 2008 with F4Rt, 125 kW engine. One exhaust valve was broken and the engine consumed a lot of oil. Cylinder No 2 had a small smudge, darker spot, size of a fingerprint. No damage to the crosshatch or cylinder material, just darker spot in the cylinder wall. After repaire engine works smooth and well but still eating oil. Other sparkplugs are excellent, sparkplug No2 is covered with oil burn residue. I can get good engine block of F5R engine (block, pistons, piston rods, crankshaft...) and place F4Rt engine head with turbo on it, but I am not sure that is absolutely the same architecture (oil squirts?) Can you help?

Zoran, 18th Jan 2018

F series engine

Hello Zoran, We could not endorse interchanging different engine blocks. However I hope you find a solution to your challenge. Best wishes,

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 18th Jan 2018

Renault megane won't start

Hi I drove to work today with no issues but after trying to restart my car it won't even turn over and comes up with check injection and esp off .

Roy ashley, 10th Jan 2018

Renault megane won't start

Hello Roy, It seems possibly related to battery voltage. I hope you managed to resolve your issue. Kind regards,

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 10th Jan 2018

Grand scenic 3

I have noticed today that my reverse light, reverse parking sensors and my rear windscreen wiper no longer work when i put my car into reverse. Could you possibly let me know where the fuse is for these so i can check them please

Mark Playfoot, 8th Jan 2018

Grand scenic 3

Hello Mark, The fuse information is in the drivers handbook. Kind regards,

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 8th Jan 2018

Engine oil

On 31/12/2017 I bought a new renault symbol 2015. It is a brand new car. It was manufactured on October 2014. My question is, Should I chang the engine oil immediately or it is okay to wait until car dealer change the oil on the first service 1000 KM? Best regards Abdulrahman

Abd, 4th Jan 2018

Engine oil

Hello Abd, If i understand the question correctly you have purchased a car which is a few years old but never been serviced? If this is true i'd suggest changing the oil very soon in case moisture or other elements have contaminated the oil. Apologies if i have misunderstood.

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 4th Jan 2018

renault kadjar media screen

h i the screen on my kadjar wsont accept the ipod as the ipod symbols are greyed out and so is the aux

melvyn macey, 3rd Jan 2018

renault kadjar media screen

Hello Melvyn, You'll need to have this checked by a Renault Dealer.

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 3rd Jan 2018

Air Conditioning generate bad odor on cockpit

Dear Renault Sport Team I want to ask for your help I have a Clio 4 RS new from Feb 2017. from day one the car has experienced several problems related Air Conditioning bad odor inside the cabin, and in 3 attempts of solution with Renault authorized maintenance service the issue has not been resolved. Last week during general 10K KM Service they clean the condensers and the odor still present in all starts and keep worst during summer days with 28 or plus degrees Celsius. techs rep from Chile are really poor skill, and Im starting a legal action probably yo pass this to second level I trusted on this brand for years and now I got this surprised with an sport car. please any help that you can provide because i dont want to see Renault on this situation, any help will be greatly appreciated. any information that you need please let me know by email or call my phone in Chile is +56990790564 best regards Juan Martone

Juan, 4th Dec 2017

Air Conditioning generate bad odor on cockpit

Hello Juan, Diagnosing issues from a distance is very difficult especially on a complex road car. I hope the local dealer made a bigger effort and resolved the issue.

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 4th Dec 2017