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Allen Collen has worked within the motor industry for the past 20 years. Starting at the ground and working up he has developed a wide appreciation for what is required and what can be achieved. Currently Allen works with RUK looking after the technical aspects of their Motorsport programs as well as providing technical support for special projects and other bespoke activities.


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sport mode on clio RS auto

I've pressed the RS button to get the car into auto sport mode. I was amazed at the acceleration, but the car was still in 3rd gear at 75mph is this normal behaviour in sport mode. I don't want the engine to get damaged in any way. thank you.

Lyndon, 20th Sep 2017

sport mode on clio RS auto

Try it in normal auto. At that speed, it will be in 6th gear. Then, staying in auto and at a constant throttle on a flat road, press the R.S. button to put it into Sport mode and tell me what gear it goes into?

jeremytownsend.jpg Jeremy Townsend, 20th Sep 2017

Window shuttering

Regarding Clio M4. When i bought it new just over a year ago, my back screen shuttered,after couple of months, all of a sudden, in quiet parking spot. Today, exactly same thing happened to a driver side window, no apparent reason, just boom!! Is there any technical explanation for this, such as circumstances, or could it be manufacturer imperfection/fault of those original windows? It has never happened to me or anyone I know in other cars, but today i did some research and found, it is quite common for renault cars. I fear, should this happen Again Thanks for reading my post

Hakim, 19th Sep 2017

Window shuttering

Hello Hakim, This is certainly a strange phenomenon. I encourage you to contact Renault Customer Services to discuss this matter and any resolutions. Kind regards,

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 19th Sep 2017

Bike Rack

Hi, I have been looking for a bike rack to fit on my Megane 250, and haven't managed to find one which i think will fit and wont rub on the spoiler. Do you know of any in production (or if Renault sell one themselves) which will fit? Thanks Adam Kelly

Adam Kelly, 24th Jul 2017

Bike Rack

Hello Adam, I'm not aware of any products in the Renault range which meet your requirements. Apologies. Kind regards,

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 24th Jul 2017

Megane RS 2018

Hi Jeremy. We had a good chat at Rockingham about the new RS and you didn't give. I hope away but I have to say I am absolutely bowled over by it and can't wait to see it in the flesh let alone drive one. Congratulations and Vive le Renaultsport!

Chetin Suleyman, 16th Sep 2017

Megane RS 2018

Hi - thanks very much for your thoughts. I look forward to seeing you at another track day

jeremytownsend.jpg Jeremy Townsend, 16th Sep 2017

Renault Clio Sport F1 197 locking wheel nut set replacement

Morning, i'm trying to get a replacement set of locking wheel nuts for my Clio but I'm struggling to get the correct ones for it. Mine measure 14mm across the thread head, but my local Renault dealer can only list the 12mm thread head size, which I believe is for the regular Clios. Can you advise please.

Chesney, 15th Sep 2017

Renault Clio Sport F1 197 locking wheel nut set replacement

Hello Chesney, please contact Renault Customer Services. They should be able to source the correct items. Kind regards,

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 15th Sep 2017

Megane rs 265 cup

Are the batteries in these cars lithium and is that why they are so expensive? Thanks

Colin Cunningham, 12th Sep 2017

Megane rs 265 cup

Hi, no it is not a lithium battery.

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 12th Sep 2017


Hi, I'm really hoping you might be able to help me. I recently bought a 2010 RS with 65K on the clock. It drives okay, but the security factory fitted alarm is so faulty. I lock the car with the fob and without fail the alarm goes off spontaneously minimum 5 times in the day. The car is spotless, I've taken it for a valet, the garage has checked it there's literally no clear reason. It is booked in with Renault but the earliest appointment is 14th Oct so I'm just wondering if you have heard of this before or know any tips that may stop it happening as it's going off most regularly beteeen 1-3am. The cars locked away and it's not triggered when people are by the car. I actually locked my sister in the car for 20 mins and it didn't go off! Hopefully you can help, Thanks Amy

Amy mcdonald, 6th Sep 2017


Hi Amy, When there has been an alarm deployment you will receive an audible signal when you first unlock the car. This will identify if the trigger was volumetric [air displaced inside the cabin] or perimetric [opening of a door or bonnet]. The translation for these audible signals is in the alarm user manual. If we cannot identify the source I'd suggest setting the car with the ultrasonic sensors switched off. It'll still have perimetric monitoring but it'll help understand the source of the issue. Again the sequence required to disable the volumetric sensors is defined in the alarm user manual. Kind regards, Regards,

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 6th Sep 2017

Tyres (2)

Hi, I have a Trophy 220T. Will the chassis cope with fitting stickier tyres than the standard Michelin Pilot Super Sports ? E.g. Pilot Sport Cup 2's like you ship with the Megane Trophy-R. Or would these upset the car

Fraser Darwent, 5th Sep 2017

Tyres (2)

Hello Fraser, While the ABS and TC mapping is static, tyre technology always moves forward. So in principle providing you are working to the limits of the tyre and the surface there will be an improvement. Once you are into the system assistance they will default and apply the rates of acceleration or lateral G which they are originally programmed for. Lastly, Renault only recommend approved tyres. Kind regards,

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 5th Sep 2017