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Offline will.  
#1 Posted : 17 April 2017 09:40:52(UTC)

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Hi all.

Last month I was hit by an uninsured (and no licence) driver which badly damaged the front bumper on my 3 month old facelift 220 Trophy.

The car has been sat in the body shop for 6 weeks now, and for 5 of those weeks it's been sat in the corner, prepped waiting for a front bumper and to be painted. When the body shop ordered the front bumper, they were told there weren't any in stock in the country, nor were there any in the factory in France. They have been chasing nearly every day for me but there is still no expected date on when the bumper will be available.

I find it hard to believe that a bumper for a brand new car, isn't available anywhere. Not only that, but I have been speaking to Renault and they aren't helping me out at all. They have no idea when the bumper will be available and aren't willing to help any more.

For those that have a facelift Clio, look after your front end, other wise you could be in the same boat as me.

Offline steve32c  
#2 Posted : 17 April 2017 23:34:04(UTC)

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Send it to these guys......... ouch though not nice to see on a new car, as for uninsured drivers Angry

Offline Cedge73  
#3 Posted : 18 April 2017 08:08:40(UTC)

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There available from France so back orders should clear in 5-10 days
Offline will.  
#4 Posted : 18 April 2017 09:02:59(UTC)

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Where have you got that info from, as Renault are saying they is no expected date from France.

If you can give me a source I can fire that over to Renault.
Offline Andrew Read  
#5 Posted : 18 April 2017 09:15:52(UTC)
Andrew Read

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Hi Will,

Just spoke to my parts department, Im a sales executive in Renault Aberdeen, they are currently out of stock but after making a quick phone call he has been told 2-3 weeks delivery time.

Offline will.  
#6 Posted : 18 April 2017 09:20:42(UTC)

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Thank you! That's the info I needed. Amazing that your parts department got that so quick, but 2 weeks of near daily phone calls to Renault customer services, and all I get it "no date available".
Offline FramerateUK  
#7 Posted : 18 April 2017 09:39:54(UTC)

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Unfortunately this issue isn't limited to just Renault.

My Megane 250 was hit a few years ago and needed a fairly big repair job. New passenger door, seat airbag, 2 curtain airbags, new rear quarter and a new roof lining.

It was all repaired but sat around for 4 months waiting for a roof lining to come in. Renault didn't have one in stock and I was phoning every other day to try and source one.

The accident was in November and I finally had my car back in April! Speaking to one of the guys at the repair place, it was common. There was a BMW 135i that had been waiting for 6 months for a front bumper as well as a few RS Fords.

Keep pestering and hopefully one will turn up! Good luck!

EDIT: Quick question, do you have a courtesy car at the moment? I ask because the insurer will be keen to get you back on the road as it'll be costing them money every day. My courtesy car costs were almost as much as the repair (which was about 10k!).

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Offline will.  
#8 Posted : 18 April 2017 09:51:25(UTC)

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6 months? Christ that would drive me nuts!!!

I had a courtesy car from the body shop for the first few weeks but they took it back the other week as the repairs on my car had come to a halt.

My insurance company won't put me in a hire car, because the other party wasn't insurance and so there's no one, but my own insurance company, to claim the hire car against, and like you said it would cost them a bomb.
Offline Cedge73  
#9 Posted : 18 April 2017 09:52:51(UTC)

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This should be the number for the front bumper, Orders from France take 5 - 10 days but or normally nearer 5


PS, I work in a Renault parts dept.

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Offline will.  
#10 Posted : 18 April 2017 10:13:20(UTC)

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Brilliant, thanks!
Offline eccentric1  
#11 Posted : 18 April 2017 10:38:26(UTC)

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Ouch, so sorry to see this and I hope you manage to get things moving along soon.

I see this so often on youtube UK Police clips that it really makes me wonder just what comeback if any you really have?
Obviously (?) you're not at fault but as the other person had no insurance (or license) who do you claim against? Surely your insurance must pay out, but does it cost you either financially or in lost NCB?
Offline will.  
#12 Posted : 18 April 2017 10:45:09(UTC)

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I have to make a claim against my insurance company, which effectively is an at fault claim (even though it was the other guys fault). It then increases my premium come renewed etc.

However there's a MIB (not Men in Black) scheme run by the government that I can claim against and they will look to get it all reverted and pay me back any money I've lost along the way. However, just like most government schemes, it can take a while. They basically have a pot of money that they make from the fines people get for driving uninsured.
Offline del115  
#13 Posted : 18 April 2017 11:26:13(UTC)

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As said this type of situation is more the norm than the exception.
I have a couple of friends working in body shops and this is their main frustration regardless of the manufacturer involved.

Other than consumables most motor factors do not carry any stock of parts.
Add to that the fact that manufacturing is based on 'just in time' supply and pre-assembled components the result is a total lack of readily available parts.

Certainly a strange world where it is probably a faster process when a car is written off and replaced as opposed to being repaired.Confused

Offline WB83  
#14 Posted : 24 April 2017 16:38:22(UTC)

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Find a motorsport supplier/garage - the Clio Cup teams get through bumpers weekly and will be able to get one much quicker than regular consumer routes.
Offline StormForce  
#15 Posted : 27 April 2017 21:07:30(UTC)

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Yes, back when I had my 197 I needed a new rear bumper. Got a used one from R-sport undamaged and just needed painting the right colour, a lot cheaper and quicker!
Offline will.  
#16 Posted : 27 April 2017 23:52:49(UTC)

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Well the body shop finally took delivery of the bumper. Just waiting for them to paint and put back together now. Got that new car feeling all over again. It's been 2 months now
Offline FramerateUK  
#17 Posted : 28 April 2017 09:13:29(UTC)

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Location: Cardiff

Glad to hear things are moving!

Make sure you give it a good check once it's back and make sure everything lines up properly.

After your first drive, have a check of your brakes too. When my Megane was stood for 4 months one of the rear brakes seized in place and heated the rear wheel up to the point where it was turning water to steam. I had to remove the pads, clean everything out to get it working again.
Offline agergeorgian  
#18 Posted : 21 June 2017 20:44:10(UTC)

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Did you order new DRL(foglights) too? Do you have any of them left afther the repair?
I am interested in finding a payr to put them on the car.
Please write to me on Facebook, because I don't get notifications on this site. You can find me as Georgian Androne.
Thank you!
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