Whorton-Eales amused by rivals' ‘back off’ comments ahead of crunch Rockingham rounds

Ant Whorton-Eales says he will continue his attacking style at Rockingham this weekend as he believes it is the only way to win the Renault UK Clio Cup title.
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JamSport driver Whorton-Eales lies second in the standings to Mike Bushell although narrowly moves ahead of his Pyro team rival on points when the championship’s two-dropped-scores rule is applied.

And he has been quick to dismiss talk from rivals that he or Bushell will be risking less just because at this stage of the season they have more to lose…

“I don’t buy that for a minute – it’s just them playing mind games and it’s quite amusing,” commented Whorton-Eales, who has won six of the 12 rounds held so far this season.

He added: “If I’m behind someone – it doesn’t matter who they are – and I sense a chance to pass them and win then I’m going for the win. No way am I settling for second.

“You have to stay on the attack. If not then you are giving away points and that doesn’t win titles. Plus if you start over-thinking things and changing your driving – something I was perhaps guilty of mid-season last year – then it can really backfire.”

Whorton-Eales feels confident he can score well in both Rockingham races this weekend given his past record at the Northants circuit – he had his first in in the UK Clio Cup there in 2013 and took another victory around the circuit 12 months ago.

He added: “We know we have very good pace over both a single lap and also a race distance there. I’d say it’s probably now between me and Bushell – I don’t see (Max) Coates or (Paul) Rivett catching us now.

“The key will be to keep clear of other people’s dramas or incidents which cost me at Snetterton with the DNF. If Bushell suddenly has a DNF though at Rockingham and I score well it’s actually him who comes off better on dropped scores, but there’s no point thinking about it too much or it’ll just fry your brain.”