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Shark Antenna.jpg
Door Mirror Shells - Chrome Finish.jpg

Shark Antenna £48.00 (excl. fitment*) - Add a touch of elegance with this aerial, perfectly integrated into the shape of your vehicle. Compatible with digital audio broadcasting (DAB)

Door Mirror Shells – Chrome Finish £68.00 (excl. fitment*) - Add a touch of style and personality to your vehicle. Make it even more elegant with the chrome finish.

R.S. Valve Caps.jpg
R.S. Textile Floor Mats.jpg

R.S. Valve Caps £17.00 - Protect your tyre valves from dirt with these caps. Bearing the Renault Sport logo, they ensure optimum tyre pressure.

R.S. Textile Floor Mat £58.00 - Exclusive range, made to match your finish with distinctive Renault Sport markings.

R.S. Sport Camera Mount.jpg
R.S. Body Protective Cover.jpg

R.S. Sport Camera Mount £64.00 - Racing fan? Take your Sport camera with you in the car. Attach it to the windscreen using the suction cups. Capture your trips on film and take breath-taking shots.

R.S. Body Protective Cover £154.00 - Provide effective protection for your vehicle’s bodywork against scratches. Renault Sport signature.

*: Pricing excluding fitment, fitment post-registration only. For pricing of the fitment, please consult your local dealer. 

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