“It’s clear the Megane R.S. is shot through with real magic, and in terms of its chassis dynamics it’s up with the best” – EVO 4.5 stars

4 Hydraulic compression stops Rally - Taken from the world of Rally, Renault Sport engineers have fitted hydraulic compression stops to all four shock absorbers.  This rallying-inspired technology involves integrating a "shock absorber within the shock absorber".

As the end of travel is approached, a secondary piston dampens the movement of the wheel before the bump stop, dissipating the energy without transferring it to the wheel helping avoid any rebound and pendulum effects, enabling optimum control of tyre-ground contact.

On the Sport Chassis, everyday instances such as speed bumps and potholes are made easier to deal with. On the Cup Chassis, greater performance is provided, with fewer disruptions for the driver


R.S Monitor

Available when ordering the vehicle, the R.S. Monitor gathers and summarises information from forty or so sensors spread around the car. It is, therefore, possible to display a wide range of vehicle settings in real time on the R-LINK 2 touchscreen tablet: acceleration, braking, steering wheel angle, the operation of the 4CONTROL system, temperatures and pressures and more.

Unprecedented in the segment, R.S. Monitor Expert lets you film your driving sessions and then overlay telemetry data, in order to obtain superb augmented reality videos. These videos enhance the New Mégane R.S. 280 driver experience and can be shared after driving on social media using applications available for iOS and Android smartphones.


Renault Sport's chassis and suspension system experts have extensively revised the settings of the 4CONTROL system in order to adapt it to a high-performance sports car. This has created an even more efficient driving experience, giving drivers the feeling that the car is glued to the road.

The 4CONTROL system delivers outstanding agility through tight turns and impressive cornering stability at higher speeds.

R.S. Vision

The chequered flag design lights are integrated into the front bumper, either side of the F1-style blade. Equipped with nine LEDs per block, this system combines four high-performance lighting functions: side lights, cornering lights, fog lights and long-range high beam lights. This not only makes the design look even more spectacular but improves the safety function of the car.

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