"The reliability of these cars is off the scale"

Below are a few thoughts from some of the championship’s current teams about the Renault UK Clio Cup race car and also Renault Sport’s levels of technical service.

WDE Team Principal Wayne Eason: “The reliability of these cars is off the scale. Furthermore they are beautifully engineered and easy to work on in terms of preparation and any repairs. It’s obvious they have been designed by a manufacturer with real know-how, which is not necessarily the case in other categories…”

That is echoed by Mike Ritchie whose small MRM Racing squad has entered two cars for 2018's championship. “The lifespan of the engines is remarkable for a race car – in fact I can’t think of another category where you can run the same engine for so long and still be in a position to win races. The championship also has very rigorous scrutineering procedures in play and this immediately puts people’s minds at ease. Everyone knows that everyone else is playing by the book.”

Team Pyro has won five titles since 2012 with many of its drivers having gone on touring car greatness. Team Principal Mark Hunt therefore values excellence and says: “We have been involved in other categories but Renault Sport with the UK Clio Cup really stands out – you can always put your trust in them, particularly in terms of quality and equality.

"They also have extremely good processes in place that make sourcing parts fast and easy for teams both at the track and away from events. Likewise ordering new cars. They’ve got it down to a tee…”

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