0 to 62mph in less than ten seconds.

For Twingo GT, the Renault Sport engine designers have worked on optimising the most powerful base, the 898cc TCe engine.

One of Twingo GT's distinctive features is the air intake on the rear left-hand wing, which replaces the air intake that was originally located above the wheel arch. This modification is essential in improving engine performance, since it reduces the temperature of the air entering the turbocharger by some 12 per cent. Combined with an upper section duct, this dynamic intake also helps increase the flow rate of combustive air by 23 per cent.

In order to take advantage of this blast of fresh air, the turbocharger's rotation speed has been increased. The fuel pump has been specifically-designed to increase the flow rate accordingly and the same applies to the water pump, in order to improve cooling of the powertrain.

The exhaust system has also been specially-designed, with revised calibration of the air flow and back pressure, and is fitted with a twin-exhaust silencer.

With the modified engine mapping, the power has been extended to 110hp, whilst peak torque stands at 170Nm.

The sprightly, sporty feel is completed with a revised ratio five-speed manual gearbox.


A highly responsive, sensitive accelerator pedal

The link between the driver and car, as well as the engine and the reactions of the chassis, Twingo GT's accelerator pedal benefits from the development work done for Mégane R.S. The mapping of the pedal delivers lively acceleration with rapid throttle response. And when you take your foot off the accelerator, the dynamic settings limit the feeling of inertia. The driver's needs are accounted for, whilst also improving driving pleasure and comfort. Twingo GT can be used in two modes: Normal and Eco.

A precise and comfortable chassis

Like the engine, the chassis remains very close to the initial structural design. It has nonetheless been specifically fine-tuned by the Renault Sport teams.

New shock absorbers have been combined with original springs, but with an increased calibration. The anti-roll bar has also been replaced with a larger diameter version. Featuring a 20mm lower ride height than Twingo and the Twin’Run’s 17-inch rims – fitted with Yokohama BluEarth tyres – Twingo GT sits firmly on its wheels.

*Manufacturers recommended retail price. Model shown has optional metallic paint at £650.


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