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Allen Collen has worked within the motor industry for the past 20 years. Starting at the ground and working up he has developed a wide appreciation for what is required and what can be achieved. Currently Allen works with RUK looking after the technical aspects of their Motorsport programs as well as providing technical support for special projects and other bespoke activities.


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Clio 4 RS engine noise

Could you please take a look at this video and tell me if that hissing/screeching noise is normal for a Clio RS engine?

Patratzel, 17th Jun 2019

Clio 4 RS engine noise

Hello, it’s not normal to have any exceptional noises from the engine. If in doubt please visit a retailer. Thank you.

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 17th Jun 2019

R26 Tracking

Hi could you please tell me the steering geometry for the front axle. Is the steering toe in or toe out. Regards John

John Alkiviades, 14th Jun 2019

R26 Tracking

Hello John, You will need to contact a Renault Retailer as i do not have access to geometry information.

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 14th Jun 2019


I'm trying to find out the history of my renault sport clio, as in what number build it was from the factory. I believe it was one of the first. Is there a way that you know of that I can trace this? Thanks

Mike, 12th Jun 2019


Hello Mike, Please contact Renault Customer Services who have access to all of the original vehicle information.

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 12th Jun 2019

yaw rate sensor

hi where is located the yaw rate/accelaration sensor on renault captur 1.5 diesel 2013

efthymios, 3rd Jun 2019

yaw rate sensor

Without a VIN I cannot 100% confirm as do not know the spec of the vehicle, and depending on the issue also Air Bag, ABS control, ESC control, steering angle TPMS issue etc. Therefore it can be located: Integral to the ESC computer. Integral to the Air Bag computer. Regards,

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 3rd Jun 2019

Changed seats

Hi I’ve recently just put in recaro treadlines I to my 182. The serv light and airbag light has now come on the dash. I’ve read that you can use resistors over certain terminals to sort this problem. Have you any photos of how to do this or any other suggestions. Thanks

Dwayne Lyon, 23rd May 2019

Changed seats

Hello Dwayne, This is a bit specialised as if you get it wrong you can damage the airbag computer. Please have a Renault Retailer support you with this.

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 23rd May 2019

Bose Sound System

Since one year ago, my radio has a glitch and every 4 minutes makes a strange sound before working again. That happens when playing the radio or the CD. Not with Bluetooth.

Ignacio Medina-Arias, 22nd May 2019

Bose Sound System

Hello, anything multimedia system related should be directed to

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 22nd May 2019

led headlight from UK to EU

Can you please supply the procedure (if any) to modify/change the led headlights on a 2017 Megane Sport Tourer GT from UK (rhd) to EU (lhd). This has to be TÜV compliment as the car will spend some of its time hammering around that country in the dead of night as fast as it can go! (I know the RS would have been a faster but this car has a day job which does not suit the RS at all and it cost almost exactly half the money)

Richard Lewis, 20th May 2019

led headlight from UK to EU

Hello Richard, The only procedure i'm familiar with is to apply external beam filters. There is generally no procedure to switch the lamp unit unless already defined in your user manual.

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 20th May 2019

start failure Renault Espace 2003

I was from a football match heading home and stopped to buy refreshments for my boys in this family car. When i came back with the drinks and inserted the card it failed to start. i thought that maybe the shifter is in neutral or other shifter location apart from the parking. i checked and it was in P. Solid immobiliser light stayed was on when card inserted and shifter is stuck. When am pulling the card it out, the dashboard lights up briefly yet when it's fully inserted, only mileage, time and immobiliser light are shown. Any idea and how i can sort it out?

Robert Nsobya, 14th May 2019

start failure Renault Espace 2003

Hello Robert, Sometimes it can be linked to the steering lock and the position of the steering wheel when you switch off the car. However due to the complexity of the security system all repairs will require specialist Renault equipment.

allencollen.jpeg Allen Collen, 14th May 2019