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#51 Posted : 26 January 2012 22:33:40(UTC)
2 live

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haha. as you say, stick to what you know, the 'good one' as you well know, the arches were, and still are very much mint. the sill however wasnt so. but only on the n/s. the originality of the car will only add to the value. you seem to be missing that point. ask matt brown, hes been looking for an unpainted example for how long???

i spose wel have to agree to disagree with the garage statement. but why youd want a drivers car to just look at??? beyond me tbh. whats the point of doing all that work and letting someone else have all the fun in it when your gone. fortunately i already have the next gen williams owners/carers. and theyl know how to drive and look after the cars.

and as you say. stick to what you know. you arent a mech, or again an assessor, so how are you qualified to give any view on what is wrong with any car?? stick to answering phones ;)

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#52 Posted : 27 January 2012 08:53:29(UTC)

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I know Mat has been looking for one for years, but don't delude yourself into thinking he would buy yours.  For a start the engine and chassis mileage don't marry up as you took it out and the arches had bubbling on them.  To anyone who is looking for originality that alone would end their interest.  Try and sell it, you would be lucky to get £3k.

The Williams is a fantastic drivers car, but we have 3 cars and the Megane is bigger, comfier and and miles better day to day.  The 172 is easily the most fun, so the Williams gets to sit in the garage, come out once or twice a year (if that) and look nice.  It's ours to do with as we please.

I'm not an insurance assessor you are quite right, hence it was them that valued the two cars, so it doesn't really matter what anyone else thinks they are worth because the value is agreed.  You should get yours valued, that will be a sobering event lol.

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#53 Posted : 27 January 2012 08:59:13(UTC)

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Jon and 2 live - do you two ever meet up for a beer and a chat?
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#54 Posted : 31 January 2012 21:38:12(UTC)
2 live

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lol...not for a while mate no. gets embarassing asking the landlord for a brandy n lemonade when theres only blokes there ;)
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#55 Posted : 29 May 2013 07:40:54(UTC)

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#56 Posted : 30 May 2013 11:37:52(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: Jeremy RUK Go to Quoted Post

Excellent read that and nice to see 0001 on track
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#57 Posted : 30 May 2013 12:51:09(UTC)

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always wanted one along with a gt-turbo....renault at its past best Cool Cool Cool Cool Cool
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