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Offline Brutalbipedal  
#1 Posted : 30 April 2016 08:46:23(UTC)

Posts: 72

Well after taking purchase of my Trophy 220 I went to update the SD card. I've done this many times with my 200T, after updating then putting the card into the car no maps? Went back to the computer and it now does not see the card?

I have updated my details on the r-link store etc as well and it was originally picking up this fine?

I can't see any data on the SD card now so it looks like its gone.

Any ideas? Sad
Offline ssimon  
#2 Posted : 30 April 2016 08:53:05(UTC)

Posts: 78

I had a similar problem, but it eventually found the maps, I did the normal things "turning on and off", but I think what worked was, although it said "no maps" I kept touching the "nav" button and eventually it found them.
I usually take the SD card out and I think that confuses the R-link.

Offline Brutalbipedal  
#3 Posted : 30 April 2016 08:55:20(UTC)

Posts: 72

I definitely think it's deleted them :( the other SD for my 200T has data on there under TOMTOM.0000 my new one is blank.
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