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Offline Jeremy RUK  
#226 Posted : 26 September 2017 07:09:55(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: LewRS Go to Quoted Post

Only new joining the community this evening and thought I'd add to this thread as I had a pretty sub-par experience last week when I bought my Clio. In fact I was very, very disappointed.

There aren't many, hardly any, Renault sport cars in Ireland so I looked to the UK. Pretty much straight away I knew who and where I wanted to buy from. I won't mention any names but they specialise in Renault Sport cars and are located on the south coast of England with a racing arm to their dealership.

I picked the car, and accepted the fact that as I was keen to get the car I wanted there wouldn't be any leverage on price negotiation. First signs of below par customer service were slightly evident over the phone but I let it go and just got on with it. So placing my all my faith in their reputation the car was paid for in full before I got there, without having driven it and taking their word. Silly, perhaps, but I was counting on their reputation.

The only thing i asked for was a full tank of fuel for the long drive back from the dealership to North West Wales and then on to Ireland. I never got a reply to that request yet I assumed they would given I paid full price and had to travel some distance at some expense. So bear in mind my travel costs to get there and back would be over £650. I get there 15 minutes behind schedule after a taxi, delayed flight, cancelled train, three different trains instead of one and another taxi, having left Ireland at 4:30 that morning. The owner/sales department wasn't there and the guy who was there to do the "handover" was rushing to close up and get out of dodge. It's 2:30 on Saturday afternoon. I had to ask to look around the car, and when I asked to be taken through the things on the car I got "well what do you want to know". I wasn't given the chance to take the car out for a drive to make sure that all was ok. So I'm literally rushed into the office, sign the relevant documents and ushered out. Really pissed off at this stage, I ask if there is a full tank of fuel for my trip up and explain what it's taken to get there and what it will take to get home. There's barely a 1/4 tank of fuel. I told him that it wasn't on and had soured the entire experience together with being rushed.

The guy doing the handover showed some form of embarrassment at the fuel situation and asked me to pay, photograph the receipt and send it over in order to get a refund. I had no intention of doing that as I didn't want to be chasing someone for a few quid fuel, so just said fine, ok and left.

All in all it was a very, very, very disappointing experience and normally I would let it be known by following up an so on, but this time, because I was another country away felt it would be a waste of my time only.

There were a couple of things wrong with the car that I would have pulled them up an and insisted be repaired or paid for however I never got that chance, and will have to bring it to a Renault Sport specialist somewhere.

If anyone is travelling to buy a car for the first time, please, by all means, give me a shout and I'll share my details and tips for things that I would do differently.

Thanks for reading.

To be clear, the garage that you purchased your car from is not a Renault approved dealership

Offline titian  
#227 Posted : 26 September 2017 10:00:39(UTC)

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Should of just said the name of the garage.
Offline Penn  
#228 Posted : 26 September 2017 20:12:31(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: John_walker74 Go to Quoted Post
I would edit your exhaust post if you really don't want to name them....

Lol just thought the same.

The last thing I would do is pay for anything for full from them based on what I know of their reputation.
Offline Penn  
#229 Posted : 26 September 2017 20:13:32(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: titian Go to Quoted Post
Should of just said the name of the garage.

K-Tec Racing.
Offline LewRS  
#230 Posted : 27 September 2017 21:07:43(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: John_walker74 Go to Quoted Post
I would edit your exhaust post if you really don't want to name them....

True LOL Well a poor attempt at being coy on my part. Anyway it didn't take a rocket scientist to work out! Yes I agree on the walking away part, however my payment was made, and an agreement was made that the car would be listed as deposit taken only until I saw the car. They wouldn't take that amount of cash on the day, so If I wanted to take the car after seeing it it had to be transferred. Just the risk for me or anyone having to travel such a long distance to get a car. I went through it with them in detail over the phone so it was really only the drive at that point. The other bits i discovered after, ok are annoying, however they can be fixed.

Most importantly, I absolutely love the car. Chris Harris nailed it in his review back in 2014 when he said the true test of a good hatch is that it makes you want to drive it like a yob all the time, that it gets under your skin. That's how I'm feeling in it so far!
Offline sunnylunn  
#231 Posted : 01 October 2017 09:51:01(UTC)

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Location: Renault owner &#128512;

Had the Trophy first serviced at Renault Beckenham on Friday, faultless service.
Offline Rolo  
#232 Posted : 01 June 2019 12:30:23(UTC)

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As a first time RenaultSport owner ( my 1st Renault since a 19 16v I had 25 years ago!), I have to recommend Rawlinson Renault in Bury St. Edmunds.
Ordered my RS280 in August & finally picked it up in May, due to WLTP delays etc. Ross, at Rawlinsons, kept me informed all the way through with regular email updates; they honoured the agreed deal 9 months later & made the handover special.
Love the car & the dealership experience. Had a Peugeot 308 GTI before, and have no complaints about the dealer, but the servicing costs were ridiculous! £750 for the first 2 services! The £299 3 year servicing package with Renault is a great deal.
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