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Offline Ryland  
#1 Posted : 13 February 2018 18:28:22(UTC)

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I'm new to the forum with a 2013 GT Line 1.6dci. Apologies it's not a RS but hopefully my issue is identified on all models.

My climate control blows cold after approx 25/30 mins of driving.

From a cold start the engine warms up and the CC will blow hot (sometimes hotter than other times) but after about 25/30 mins it starts to blow cold air.

I've tried nearly all combinations of settings - AC on/off, auto, manual etc with no change. It still blows cold.
I usually keep the temp on 'high' but it makes no difference if I drop the temp.

I haven't taken the car to a mechanic yet, but would prefer an idea of what the cause could be before doing that.

AFAIK the coolant is ok. The engine temp stays stable and there's no messages on the dash to point at any sensor issues etc.

Has this been identified on the forum before? I have tried searching and google with no luck to this issue/model of megane.

Thank you in advance.

Offline jeffreypeterwest  
#2 Posted : 14 February 2018 15:56:25(UTC)

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[Edit: Just noticed this is a Megane thread, I have a Clio, but similar principles may apply]

Hello. I have had this issue. I am on the verge of going to the motor industry ombudsman in relation to related (though not the same) issues. But as such I have fiddled with the cc almost continuously on almost every journey for the past year. I have experienced a similar effect, which I thought was that the system started to put cooler air through the screen vents which flows over the dash and basically into your lap. I think this is just how the system is trying to correct when hitting the target temp.
My issue is that I believe my vehicle has external air getting into the cabin -I e usually cold. So in my investigations of fiddling with every control to try and diagnose or eliminate the issue i did come across the effect you describe. Of course air coming through the screen vents will cool very quickly as that’s going to be the coldest area of the car probably so it’s a fine line as to whether the air delivered there is cold or that it gets cooled almost immedately and flows onto you as described above. The question is as to whether it is a fault (and good luck getting Renault to admit that) or a “characteristic”. Does warm air come out again after this interlude and the cabin stabilise eventually? If the outside temp is cold and you set a hot target temp I think it is likely that an “overshoot” is possible and the cc is trying to pull the temp back again. Although if it is extreme an uncomfortable then it really should be classed as a fault. Good luck - lots of it!

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Offline Ryland  
#3 Posted : 14 February 2018 18:13:11(UTC)

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Thanks Jeff

Once it starts blowing cold it continues to blow cold until I stop and switch the car off.

It doesn't matter if the direction is on the screen or my feet, it blows cold.

It's definitely air being blown and not ambient cabin air moving around.

If this is a characteristic of the cc then it's pretty cr*p!

I owned the car through last winter and I can't remember this happening last year.

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