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Offline Stock 265 Cup  
#26 Posted : 16 July 2018 15:16:53(UTC)
Stock 265 Cup

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Everyone deserves a holiday.
Offline FramerateUK  
#27 Posted : 16 July 2018 15:56:13(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: Georgeski Go to Quoted Post
The track time at those sorts of shows, or the couple that I’ve been to, have been very very busy and the standard of driving looked poor as a spectator. It seemed as though there were lots of people hadn’t done track days before and they were driving like complete idiots.............

From what I gather, the track time at car shows appear to be a free for all for idiots to floor their cars with no idea how to control them.

Have you ever seen footage of the "Action Days" at Castle Combe? Genuinely frightening stuff!

People on trackdays are generally well behaved. You get the odd idiot, but it's pretty easy to avoid them.
Offline Georgeski  
#28 Posted : 16 July 2018 16:07:29(UTC)

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☝️ Yep, that first paragraph sums up the track time at shows!
Offline g7egt  
#29 Posted : 16 July 2018 16:42:00(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: Tanim Go to Quoted Post
Originally Posted by: Georgeski Go to Quoted Post
Subsidised, less cars on track, well organised, cars of similar power and a high standard of driving. These are the reasons I did the RS days.

This is why I was so eagerly looking forward to it. Less cars and cars with similar power band. I only did 3 laps in a Ferrari 430 once so being quieter really would have helped. Oh well, hopefully the French Car Show trackday won't be too busy next year. I wanted to go this year but I've had a bit of football fever..

Did Goodwood a few years ago, it was restricted to 8 cars at a time and really good, no problems with other cars, fliipin fast track that one.
Offline MikeWDY  
#30 Posted : 16 July 2018 18:09:48(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: Luke RUK Go to Quoted Post
Sorry for radio silence, I've been away for three weeks with no access to the internet (unheard of right?)

25th passed as there were issues with dates I've only just been made aware of.

Looking like just the one date this year - Rockingham 1st October.

I'll post a thread with sign up instructions/ pricing/ link once they are all set up this week.

Thanks all for bearing with.

I’ll be the one to say it.
Well done Luke!
Can’t have been easy filling the shoes of Jeremy on this and the general upheaval of an important staff member had on the running of this forum and the organisation of these track days.
Offline Stock 265 Cup  
#31 Posted : 16 July 2018 18:30:03(UTC)
Stock 265 Cup

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From what I know Goodwood restrict to 12 cars on track. Did my first track day there a couple of years ago at an Origine RS meeting, Alpine and Renaultsport owners club. Great track bunt Goodwood is very expensive these days from what I understand, because it’s Goodwood and all that.
Offline John_walker74  
#32 Posted : 16 July 2018 20:48:12(UTC)

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Yes, well done Luke for getting one sorted for this year. I'll be booking when you've got it finalised.
Online ianplymouth  
#33 Posted : 16 July 2018 21:05:01(UTC)

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Ohhh great, possibly the worst circuit, no the worst circuit i have ever driven, mind you it was damp. so unless you can guarantee it's going to be dry, i'm out
Offline Stock 265 Cup  
#34 Posted : 17 July 2018 08:46:55(UTC)
Stock 265 Cup

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I wasn’t a fan of Rockingham before I went there and drove the track, really enjoyed it though.
Offline del115  
#35 Posted : 17 July 2018 08:51:46(UTC)

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Cheers Luke, good effort.

The moment of truth.
After all the barracking on here it will be interesting to see what the headcount is on the day.

Offline Luke RUK  
#36 Posted : 17 July 2018 12:23:26(UTC)
Luke RUK

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I've driven Rockingham a few times and found it was not half as enjoyable in the wet (I had a bit of a moment in our Trophy-R on the swooped banking) as it is in the dry.

Lets pray for good weather because it is a good circuit with good facilities & as you all know, Renault Sport track days are amongst the best, so will certainly be worth it :)
Offline Tanim  
#37 Posted : 17 July 2018 15:39:18(UTC)

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Nice one Luke, thanks a lot! The force is strong with you. Cool
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