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Offline walid  
#1 Posted : 07 June 2019 08:47:06(UTC)

Posts: 21

Anyone notices an EDC clutch bite sometimes when coasting downhill ?
mine sometimes feel like if it is jumpstarted when coasting downhill at low speed and gear engages.

I've recently changed the control unit but still the same behavior remains.

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Offline ssimon  
#2 Posted : 07 June 2019 19:32:33(UTC)

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My experience is that the clutch will be engaged above about 8 mph, if you are disengaged and you touch the accelerator the clutch will engage immediately.
Offline Lemon  
#3 Posted : 08 June 2019 02:21:31(UTC)

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I am experiencing strong clutch bite/grab from transmission software update, readjust of clutch touch points.

I did not have this strong clutch bite lurch before sometimes when taking off fast I will feel it and also when in manual mode when downshifting into gear 2 the clutch bite will jerk the car abit with a thud noise.

Anyone know what to do to solve this? I did not have this issue before the update and readjustments.
Offline walid  
#4 Posted : 08 June 2019 05:32:05(UTC)

Posts: 21

Mine has been always behaving like this:

coast downhill with brakes at 5mph 2nd gear, car feels in neutral. as soon as i press the accelerator rpm rises and after 2 3 seconds clutch bite as if the car is being jumpstarted and gearbox engages (doesnt happen everytime though)

i ve had reflash and a control unit change (mecatronic) but still the same behavior.
Offline Lemon  
#5 Posted : 08 June 2019 07:01:43(UTC)

Posts: 13

It’s most likely a software firmware update issue. Might be some versions have bugs because before my update and readjustment of clutch touch points I never used to have a harsh clutch grab/bite, after the update and readjustments now the clutch grabs hard when downshifting into gear 2 usually at speeds of 25km/hr and less it will occur. Also happens when taking off with fast pedal movement.

Besides that problem are you also noticing clunkiness at low speeds usually in gear 1-2 of speeds 5km/h-20km/h? When stopping and going at those speeds would hear a clunk-clunk sound which is audible when radio is off.
Offline walid  
#6 Posted : 08 June 2019 11:40:25(UTC)

Posts: 21

yes clunk at low speed --> normal for getrag

whining sound in reverse --> normal for getrag

the clutch bite --> very annoying noting that the gearbox should feel like regular auto
Offline Lemon  
#7 Posted : 10 June 2019 03:21:15(UTC)

Posts: 13

Maybe try get a transmission software update. I might be needing one aswell. Below I will list my problem which relates to yours aswell.

Can you try to replicate this problem and see if you get it aswell:

1) Drive Manual Mode in 5th or 6th gear at 60-65km/h.
2) Prepare to stop by braking, do not downshift, just let the computer downshift itself.
3) When braking there is 2 ways to do it either press brake pedal really lightly to a stop, or press brake pedal really hard and fast for a quick stop.
4) Now when the car downshifts itself and is about to go into gear 2, let go off the brakes.
5) You will feel the clutch bite really harsh it will make a thud noise and lurch abit. When looking at the RPM it seems like the car is not applying enough engine braking/blipping to keep the RPM from dropping.

Does anyone know what needs to be adjusted to fix this? Or is it software issue? Do software updates get released as a patch for certain issues or if update it can mess with other things that are already working well?
Offline mark@rawlinson  
#8 Posted : 10 June 2019 09:03:40(UTC)

Posts: 144

if its relevant, when coasting in my 2003 E46 M3 SMG, it tries to work out whats going on and engages and disengages clutch, you just learn to live with it, I think its just software related as its trying to anticipate what your doing, so keeps coasting, then disengaging clutch so its on engine braking etc. quite seamless but you can tell its doing it. As the EDC is similar setup (abeit twin clutch over single) its probably similar scenario. when it does it its probably at a certain criteria in the programming

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Offline walid  
#9 Posted : 10 June 2019 09:20:43(UTC)

Posts: 21

I already have the latest firmware/software for the gearbox and still feels the same so i guess that's it nothing much to do you have to live with it.

how do i know it is a software and not a hardware problem:

it happens at the same exact place and in the same traffic conditions almost every time so it like the gearbox is programmed to act as such is these situations. i am pretty sure it is not a hardware problem .
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