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Offline Weezy  
#1 Posted : 29 June 2019 22:19:03(UTC)

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Hi all, took the Harrats RS for a test drive today. Wondering if amybody can tell me the real world MPG for mainly motorway driving? I do a long commute so unfortunately it plays a big part in my decision! The Harrats 21mpg didnt fill me with confidence!
Offline Repair&Restore  
#2 Posted : 30 June 2019 08:52:56(UTC)

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I average about 32 mpg with motorway and b road driving.
Offline CraigI  
#3 Posted : 30 June 2019 12:55:34(UTC)

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30 in my Trophy.
Better than the mk3, even though I’ve only done 1500 miles.
Offline FramerateUK  
#4 Posted : 11 July 2019 17:17:05(UTC)

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Location: Cardiff

I get an average of 27 with normal driving.

Being sensible I can get 31 mpg out of it on my commute which is 30/40 mph roads. On a motorway run you could see 35 without too much trouble if you took it easy.
Offline FramerateUK  
#5 Posted : 29 August 2019 11:16:37(UTC)

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Location: Cardiff

Just to add to this.

Have a new job in Bristol so I've been doing Cardiff and back.

In 'Neutral' I averaged 36mpg over a week, in 'Comfort' I managed 41 on Tuesday and the average was still over 39mpg yesterday.

That's with steady 70mph and a load of overtaking on top.

I'm really impressed with the economy. Much better than the Clio on the same trips (it was hard to get 34mpg) and the MkIII Megane. Driving in rush hour traffic is no fun anyway, but being able to save a fiver a day is pretty decent.
Offline CraigI  
#6 Posted : 29 August 2019 20:20:38(UTC)

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Mine has levelled out at 27 now after just over 3000 miles.
On a par with the mk3 then.
Offline FramerateUK  
#7 Posted : 30 August 2019 13:41:26(UTC)

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Location: Cardiff

Originally Posted by: CraigI Go to Quoted Post
Mine has levelled out at 27 now after just over 3000 miles.
On a par with the mk3 then.

My average is about that.

I'd say it's a good bit better on a long run than the MK3 (I never saw over 35 on that). But uses more when you put your foot down.
Offline Sprocker  
#8 Posted : 19 October 2019 21:02:23(UTC)

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Averaging 32/33 mpg mixed driving. Happy enough with that.

It'll probably go up now that I am driving like miss daisy since getting the oil pressure recall lol.
Offline CraigI  
#9 Posted : 19 October 2019 21:12:29(UTC)

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Trophy is just on 28 for me.
4500 miles in.
Offline mark  
#10 Posted : 22 December 2019 09:35:00(UTC)

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Only 17mpg for me
Offline rsslo  
#11 Posted : 10 January 2020 22:08:33(UTC)

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About 7000km in, with 13l average (edc).
Offline foxspeed  
#12 Posted : 12 January 2020 22:06:48(UTC)

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struggle to get 30+ in mine... in fact it uses more fuel than the v8 i had Shocked Blush
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