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Offline usaidwhat  
#1 Posted : 01 June 2010 08:38:30(UTC)

Posts: 14

Hi All,

I've had my 133 for about 6 weeks now and am loving it - but encountered a minor problem this morning.

I noticed that there is a noise coming from the steering column - seems to be intermittent. Best way I can describe it is that it sounds like there is gravel rattling around - and you can feel that something isn't right.

Heard it once while going round a corner and other times were when pulling up to lights at slow speeds (with only minor steering adjustments). Going to keep an eye on it before talking to my dealer - but wondered if anyone else has seen or heard of this before??



Offline steviers133  
#2 Posted : 01 June 2010 15:41:49(UTC)

Posts: 697

is it like a click/knock noise behind/inside the steering cowling bit? i get it too sounds weird eh
Offline usaidwhat  
#3 Posted : 01 June 2010 21:25:34(UTC)

Posts: 14

Yeah - that's exactly it.... I heard it again on the way home. Just hard to figure out what it is because it's intermittent. Also figured there was no point taking it to dealer until it happens consistently....

Thanks for the reply - hopefully it's nothing serious :)

Offline steviers133  
#4 Posted : 02 June 2010 17:59:55(UTC)

Posts: 697

i would take it back. they will test drive it and confirm it
Offline usaidwhat  
#5 Posted : 03 June 2010 15:35:41(UTC)

Posts: 14

Talked to service dept. this morning - they said they would do a check around the UK to see if this had been reported elsewhere. If it persists they're happy to give me a courtesy car and look at it for a few days....

Will keep you posted if I find anything more out in the next couple of weeks......

Offline elniniol999  
#6 Posted : 29 June 2010 09:22:05(UTC)

Posts: 7

i have this too.  had my RS since the last day in April this year!  i find it happens when i first start the car and wiggle the wheel and very slowly going round corners - for example in car parks.
Offline usaidwhat  
#7 Posted : 29 June 2010 13:45:56(UTC)

Posts: 14

Just to give an update - got my steering column replaced last week. Have to say that my Renault dealer (Shelbourne in Portadown, N.Ireland) were superb.

Noise has not happened since so the problem seems to be resolved. I'll be keeping an eye on it but looks like this may be happening for quite a few people....

Offline Al  
#8 Posted : 29 June 2010 14:50:52(UTC)

Posts: 3,683

usaidwhat wrote:

Just to give an update - got my steering column replaced last week. Have to say that my Renault dealer (Shelbourne in Portadown, N.Ireland) were superb.


Noise has not happened since so the problem seems to be resolved. I'll be keeping an eye on it but looks like this may be happening for quite a few people....

Excellent result by your dealer Smile
Offline steviers133  
#9 Posted : 29 June 2010 15:41:19(UTC)

Posts: 697

why the ****** cant my dealer be decent like this dealer!! cant get it comfirmed!! Nearly bought a suzuki swift sport because the steering is annoying me!

Never buy ex-demo! lol

Good result though mate

Offline matt|H  
#10 Posted : 30 June 2010 19:43:12(UTC)

Posts: 71

Mine tends to make similar sounds when turning at different speeds. As of lately it's got less frequent but if it comes back it'll be going straight in.
Offline Reeds  
#11 Posted : 02 July 2010 09:41:16(UTC)

Posts: 12

Annoyingly, I read this and thought "hope mine doesnt start doing that"... 
Guess what?  It has... :(

What's the best thing to do, phone up service and book it in, or just drive down when its actually doing it and show them?

Also, why whenever I used Chrome does it post like the above?

Edited by user 02 July 2010 09:42:57(UTC)  | Reason: Not specified

Offline usaidwhat  
#12 Posted : 02 July 2010 13:34:25(UTC)

Posts: 14

I'd say it depends how good your dealer is. I left my car in overnight as when I took it down the noise wasn't happening - they drove it next day and it was there. After that it was a matter of waiting for parts and then back in again to do the work....

I know that some dealers will not look at faults unless you can demonstrate it happening consistently, if you're close to the dealer and it's happening I'd be inclined to drive there and keep the engine running :)

Offline usaidwhat  
#13 Posted : 02 April 2012 15:18:00(UTC)

Posts: 14

I realise this is an old topic - but from what I can see people are still finding this problem.

I found it came back in my car Sad - now back with the dealer again (this is about 4th visit for the same problem). Am hoping they can replace the column again as this seemed to solve the problem last time.

Anybody else having/experienced the same steering problem??

Offline pittstop  
#14 Posted : 23 April 2018 10:33:07(UTC)

Posts: 3

Hi All,

I'm the owner of a 2011 1.6 Wind GT Line which; to the best of my knowledge; shares most mechanical parts with the Twingo RS particularly the steering column.

I have a mystery noise in my steering which; from a google search; I believe has been discussed on this forum in the past. No one else on the Wind forum seems to have experienced this.

It's similar to gravel being swished around in a Wok & can be felt as a vibration at the steering wheel. Mostly at low speeds & stationary.

I believe that some Twingo owners have had steering columns replaced by Renault but even that repair didn't last in all cases.

The steering feel seems fine. Was this the case for those of you who had the problem?
Might it lock up & be dangerous?
Have Renault acknowledged any responsibility at any time for this?

Any pointers would be much appreciated as I don't really like the look of the price of a new column!!

Thanks in anticipation.
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