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#1 Posted : 18 December 2007 17:57:00(UTC)

Posts: 7,487

Right...there is not enough space on here for all the Jones's AND/OR L Jones! There is an LEEMJONES (me!), a LJones , a Lee Jones, a Jonesy (numerous), a LEEM (might be Jones) and J5 LEE (WHICH IS ALMOST MY REG, well same letters diff order!) or something Jones and a few other pretenders to the honoury Jones throne. whats it the world coming to!!!! P.S NICE NAME!!Big Smile
Offline MTM  
#2 Posted : 18 December 2007 17:59:58(UTC)

Posts: 2,255

Keeping up with the Jones' eh LOL
Offline ljones  
#3 Posted : 18 December 2007 18:00:11(UTC)

Posts: 2,827

my name is chris...........but because my email was registered on meganesport i had to use my g/friends, hence the ljones, whose got the most posts?
Offline ShiftyDriver  
#4 Posted : 18 December 2007 20:28:48(UTC)

Posts: 398

I'm an M Jones
Offline wlshyd182  
#5 Posted : 18 December 2007 20:56:30(UTC)

Posts: 1,734

LEEM isnt a Jones so cross him off...
Offline Jonesy  
#6 Posted : 18 December 2007 21:01:43(UTC)

Posts: 566

us jones's get everywhere :)
Offline Berty  
#7 Posted : 18 December 2007 22:19:09(UTC)

Posts: 8,630

Certainly the ljones, leem and leemjones always confuse me. I think you should all be shot and my mind would be a much happier and clearer thinking place.
Offline dunster  
#8 Posted : 18 December 2007 23:16:42(UTC)

Posts: 463

I've read so many threads on here I don't have to read the name to see who is posting. Can almost just use their avatar out of the corner of my eye to know!
Offline Paul B  
#9 Posted : 19 December 2007 09:17:10(UTC)
Paul B

Posts: 2,001

My mrs just through her knickers at this thread......

she thought Tom was on here
Offline sgtbash999  
#10 Posted : 19 December 2007 09:17:43(UTC)

Posts: 3,053

Originally posted by Paul B
My mrs just through her knickers at this thread......

she thought Tom was on here
Offline Paul B  
#11 Posted : 19 December 2007 10:07:46(UTC)
Paul B

Posts: 2,001

I'm not complaining.......

Offline Emma.Clarke  
#12 Posted : 19 December 2007 10:41:46(UTC)

Posts: 153

try being a clark/clarke!?!?!? just as many
Offline alex.levington  
#13 Posted : 19 December 2007 11:22:57(UTC)

Posts: 921

its going to be very confusing at work soon as we have another Emma starting!!!!!!

Telephone call for Emma, mad dash to those phones!!!!!!!!!!
Offline Lee M  
#14 Posted : 19 December 2007 11:28:04(UTC)
Lee M

Posts: 1,233

I'm not a Jones.

If I pick the phone up at work when reception isn't doing her job it's usually someone wanting a Mr Williams. "Can I speak to Mr Williams please" "which one, we have 5" "Mr A Williams" "We have 3" "Err the one who does....." "Whoever you are they don't want to buy it, bye".
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