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Offline A-N-T  
#1 Posted : 30 January 2008 16:13:00(UTC)

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Well, finally got around to doing a trackday at Oulton Park yesterday in my R27, so I just thought I'd share some of my thoughts on the car after it. Got there nice and early to be greeted by a circuit which looked pretty damp especially on some of the quicker corners. It wasn't helped when someone went off quite early on and brought a load of muddy crap onto Druids corner in the first session. Anyway, have to say that I was really impressed with the R27. On the road I've long thought that the car just grips and grips and corners likes its on rails and this pretty much translated onto the circuit. Even in the wet the car held its line perfectly in most cases, and when it did let go slightly, it was all very progressive making it easy to get back in line. My brother went along too in a MK5 GOLF GTI, and he admitted that he just couldn't keep up; he was pretty blown away by the amount of speed i was able to carry into a corner. We swapped cars for a bit, and i was shocked by how awful the Golf felt on track. There seemed to be hardly an grip on the damp circuit, and the car just seemed to spin away all its power on the exit of corners. The brakes on the Golf felt pretty pants too, lacking any of the bite of the Clio's. Most disappointing about the Golf was that you never really got a feeling of what the tyres were doing. The Clio on the other hand, you could feel the tyres really digging in to the surface, and you got plenty of warning when they did let go. The ESP on the Clio seemed pretty docile, but then again it was there on the very few occasions I did need it. The GOLF's ESP though was going mad on the circuit and hampering you at every turn. Being a trackday virgin on a wet track, I didn't really want to disengage it either. My brother got out of the Clio raving about it, whilst i took the opportunity to tell him his Golf was crap. (brotherly love Wink). Though the Golf's one saving grace was the DSG box which i've never liked on the road but makes a lot more sense on track. The GOLF's extra torque as well allowed it to pull harder than the Clio on the later uphill sections of Oulton. Had fun harrassing a Z4 3.0 Coupe owner (a former 182 owner) who said that when he test drove the 197 he was really underwhelmed, but the R27's performance on track had definitely changed his opinion. As the day went on, the track dryed and the Clio felt even quicker. Though the brakes seemed to have lost a bit of bite. All in all a good day, though my one criticsm would be that i'd prefer a bit more stability from the back end under hard braking.
Offline steve@wests  
#2 Posted : 30 January 2008 16:23:13(UTC)

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good write up,mate.sounds like you enjoyed it.
Offline mike225  
#3 Posted : 30 January 2008 16:43:37(UTC)

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ive driven the renault press r27 round oulten it was great, although i did chase a certain renault employee driving it in my 225 and dare I say.......... I was faster
Offline AudreyGB  
#4 Posted : 30 January 2008 16:46:38(UTC)

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Well done Ant! So you're coming to Spa in May? Wink
Offline The Clang  
#5 Posted : 30 January 2008 16:52:08(UTC)
The Clang

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Well done mate. Sounded like brilliant fun!
Offline james-s  
#6 Posted : 30 January 2008 19:18:23(UTC)

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Please excuse my ignorance but..... when brakes start to fade on a track is it because they are wearing out or because they are hot and don't work as well when they're hot. i.e do they go back to normal when they are cool?
Offline Hindey  
#7 Posted : 30 January 2008 20:10:21(UTC)

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It's because the brakes are hot. When cool, their performance will return to normal save for the wear that the brakes will have experienced.
Offline james-s  
#8 Posted : 30 January 2008 20:31:31(UTC)

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Thanks Hindey. That's what I hoped would be the answer.
Offline wolfclio182  
#9 Posted : 30 January 2008 21:23:02(UTC)

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Sounds like a good day on a track. Sweeet!
Offline A-N-T  
#10 Posted : 31 January 2008 00:48:28(UTC)

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On the subject of the brakes, they do get worse because they're hot, but having said that, my brakes weren't feeling too good today after the trackday.

Think its been mentioned... boiling of the brake fluid? Dunno if anyone can confirm that or not.
Offline The Clang  
#11 Posted : 31 January 2008 09:25:14(UTC)
The Clang

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I think that can be a factor. Pad glazing could also be one.
Offline Hindey  
#12 Posted : 31 January 2008 09:29:14(UTC)

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I think there's more than one factor. Hot brake fluid for sure being one of them, heat dissipation being another (hence having drilled and/or vented disks).
Offline brunning  
#13 Posted : 31 January 2008 11:46:02(UTC)

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Depends on how heavily you used them on the track. Trust me - if your brake fluid was boiling at some stage you would certainly know about itLOL ie no brakes! You will get significantly more wear during a track day and you need to keep an eye on the whole brake sysytem and up your maintenance schedule. I run Pagid RS14's (not a road car) and they last about 600 miles on the track.
Offline Davetidy30  
#14 Posted : 31 January 2008 12:12:48(UTC)

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on a faster track, the golf will keep up. my brother has a mk3 gti 16v golf and he could keep up with me round goodwood. mind you, he drives like a psycho and the R27 was only 3 weeks old so i was driving a bit gently. LOL

Even so, was mightly dissapointed with the R27 for outright speed, but the golf was no match in the corners where all the fun is, and thats where the R27 comes to life, just Awesome!
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