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Offline David RUK  
#1 Posted : 31 July 2009 12:12:37(UTC)
David RUK

Posts: 400

Hi All,

We would like to gather your thoughts on what you expect as a Renaultsport owner from a Renault dealer providing you with the best level of service.

We would really appreciate as many of you as possible taking a few moments to post in here your thoughts about what you'd like to see from your dealer, bearing in mind the economic climate.

We'll take as much of your feedback as possible into consideration.

Thanks a lot!

Offline muffmagnet197  
#2 Posted : 31 July 2009 12:16:57(UTC)

Posts: 1,225

It would be a lot easier to get on with my dealer if they were aware of the common faults with some vehicles. For example, the cold start patch for the 197 which they denied all knowledge of, problems with the Recaros which they have never heard of etc etc. Perhaps if they took more interest in the product they would be more approachable. Point them in the direction of this forum, that would be a start !
Offline Berty  
#3 Posted : 31 July 2009 12:38:33(UTC)

Posts: 8,630

It doesn't affect me anymore, but a dealer that doesn't argue about warranty claims without first contacting RUK. I've been lucky with my dealer with regards to warranty claims, but there have been too many threads on here about people struggling with warranty claims for parts that are routinely being replaced under warranty by other garages without complaint.

And some reasonable prices wouldn't go a miss either, £75/hr for labour is pushing things a bit.

Offline PBCup  
#4 Posted : 31 July 2009 12:57:40(UTC)
Phil 172

Posts: 10,735

Thanks for asking!! I hope this does work and we get an improvement.

I think I'll actually start on the good stuff just to show I don't always complain!

The service I got from Marc Elgar (and the chap who delivered the car!) was impecable. Great comunication and the car was delivered by 8.30 in the morning from Southampton and I'm in Leeds. Even the few niggles I had were sorted by the dealers owner after it shut down. All I can say is what a shame its now gone!!

Now the bad stuff all from the Leeds dealer.

Recently took 5 atempts to fix my airbag light then used 2 gallons of fuel to do it.

Told me I needed new rear brakes on my 172 Cup twice when they were fine.

Diddn't know about the 172 Cups rear brakes failing MOTS

On a number of times when I wanted them to find a rattle said it wasn't there.

Just some good reports. I was very please with the body shop when I got a scratch and when I had some wheels refurbed.

Some examples of good service I have had from other dealers that I wish Reanult would adopt.

I had and Alfa Romeo that had rattles over bumps. Even though the dealer could not find them they fitted several new parts and it solved the problem.

When I had a speedo problem that the could not see they took me out with the tech so I could help point it out.

When I had my coooper S even though there were problems with it the dealer sorted straight away, no fuss and gave the car a full valet no matter how small the issue. i.e. it got valeted after have a bonnet stripe refitted.

Alfa Romeo made sure I got a good courtesy car because I had a "premium" car. i.e. I got a brand new 159 when my car was at the dealers. The courtesy car I got from Renault was a completely bog standard clio campus. I could not even fit my daughter's buggy in the boot. I drive a premium Renault product so i would expect a better loaner. I'm not saying it should be an RS but not having A/C or a CD player is a joke.

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Offline ritter83  
#5 Posted : 31 July 2009 13:00:54(UTC)

Posts: 239

As above i'd like to see dealers more aware of common faults with the cars - no-one at the dealership i use has any idea that a cold-start patch even exists. Also improvement in customer service eg. answering the phone, ringing you back. The prices they charge for servicing are outrageous - for my 2nd service at the dealer i was quoted £290 compared to £135 at a renault specialist whose service itinary went above and beyond what renault would do and included genuine parts and lubricants. Every time i have been to the dealer i have had some kind of issue and hassle. The problem seems to be at the dealership i use they sell so many cars that they dont care too much about individual customers. Its annoying especially when your buying or have bought the flagship model. Next time if i do buy another renault i'll be using the Internet or one of the dealers that are on this forum

Offline PAOLO3  
#6 Posted : 31 July 2009 13:06:35(UTC)

Posts: 4,196

After visiting my local dealership in Solihull, I was shocked tha a trained Techy couldn't look at my door seal and say "Yes sir, this is 99% a warranty job".

If he had siad this, I can now book a repair at Wednesbury. But, as he didn't I now have to take a day off, Monday to Friday, arrive before 4pm to assess the repair.....all being well, another trip must then be made to have it fixed- I can insist its a warranty job and book it in but there is no saying they'll even do it- they're likely to turn me away and make me rebook.....its preposterous how I/ME/THE CUSTOMER has to trawl around to get an answer and resolve.

I also have other issues that need looking at and resolving- that I'm putting up with as i don't have time to make two trips for every problem. And its not a short journey either.

To me, its OBVIOUSLY a warranty job, but they were "unable to comment".

Things to improve on:

* ECU diagnositcs at weekends also- NOT JUST Monday to Friday

* A warranty assessor at EVERY DEALERSHIP, including Saturdays also....

* Free coutesy car, INCLUDING insurance - Is it too much to ask?

* Someone who listens to your concerns with consideration, rather than dismisses us with an insincere smile.

Overall, enable more flexibility please Renault....be open more hours, or more flexible hours.......and work for the customer, not for yourselves.

To be honest, Reanult Solihull and Birmingham, I feel, are very little more than car show rooms and a retailer- I never get the impression they are really all that botheres/ interested in aftersales or going out of their way at all. I'm a calm person, I never rant- but I'm the sort you can easily get rid of aren't I, now that you have my money. Sad

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Offline GazFish  
#7 Posted : 31 July 2009 13:20:40(UTC)

Posts: 1,488

The thing which is the problem with most dealerships is the effort after sales... I've bought two cars from one dealership which made promises beforehand and once the car was off the forecourt couldn't give a monkeys. Not only that, when I complained several times in writing they didn't respond which in turn has lost them any further sales to myself.. unfortunately for me, I'll have to travel if I ever want to buy another Renault.

There's only a few dealers who have a friendly approach, for instance in the aforementioned dealership I can only deal with one chap because everyone else is sales driven and will sell you a car you dont want, just by hitting you with figures, facts and gimmicks.

Some dealerships don't recognise the fact some people who walk through the door know things about the cars their looking at, so the lies (or lack of product knowledge) make you think twice about what your about to spend 15/20k on.

An example of when thigs get a little strange is...

2 Dealerships (both the same 'brand'), 20 miles apart.

1 has a car in the showroom, the other doesnt have the same one.

1 dealership won't move on the price, make any offers or an effort to sell it.. then the other one says they'll get the car from that showroom, and sell it to me with discounts, incentives etc.

I find this a bit off putting the dealerships arn't in sync with each other and if one closed down, then the other wouldnt help as there's a lot of ravalry.. or so it seems.

Offline MattMcGuire  
#8 Posted : 31 July 2009 14:21:17(UTC)

Posts: 1,284

I think most of thebad points have been covered

Just to put my thoughtsin, like Gaz I have two dealerships near me (the same ones I think) they arethe same company both dealing with Renaults, however they both quote differentprices for services and the like, and not just by £10 I’m talking just short of£100, which, in my eyes is wrong, they should be the same or at least close.

As Phil stated I haveworked hard to get the car I have, one of the ‘flagship’ cars of the Renaultbrand when I hand it over for a service/work doing on it I really don’t want tobe driving around in a pink modus (yes I was offered one) it might be me been asnob but its wouldn’t hurt to update your courtesy cars or grade the ones youhave for the people with better carsBlush

The last is the"Test Drive" that the tecs do every time we service our cars, I understandwith some work they do may need to check the car is safe to be given back but Iwould like to be asked if they can after all its my pride and joy it’s nice toknow if they are taking it out and also how they are driving it.Big Smile

The only real positivething I can honestly talk about to do with the Renault/Renault sport brand isthe customer service, I spoke with you David about a problem I was having andyou were great, you listened to my concerns and addressed each one and then gota result we were both happy with, so thank you for that and keep up the goodwork Cool

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Offline ajc2306  
#9 Posted : 31 July 2009 15:39:25(UTC)

Posts: 77

Dealers that have a good knowledge of the Renaultsport range (or at least one or two salesman who do). I remember when purchasing my 182 and i knew more about the car than the dealer. (Dealer hardly knew that there was a new 182!)

Offline Berty  
#10 Posted : 31 July 2009 15:54:26(UTC)

Posts: 8,630

Personally I'm not fussed about what courtesy car I get as long as it's reasonably clean and in working order. What does annoy me is that a courtesy isn't normally free as you have to pay the insurance on it, or put it on your own insurance which normally costs money.
Offline Rico  
#11 Posted : 31 July 2009 16:10:28(UTC)

Posts: 2,596

Most points have been covered but I have one little niggle. When I purchased my Mini new from stratstone in Doncaster the people there were fantastic and couldn't do enough for you. Whatever you wanted they would sort out or immediately pass you to someone who could. Everyone you need is available for you. However when I go into a Renault dealership, for this example say for parts, I find that there is a massive cue at the main desk where only one or rarely two people are dealing with the customers - and they'll be stuck answering the phone as well. So to simply pick up and pay for a part you have been told to collect takes 15mins+. But you are surrounded by salesman who are sat around chatting and generally doing nothing. I think the general sales based mentality of having a customer-side workforce of 99% salesman doesn't work, especially in this current financial climate. I would like to see more staff devoted to customer service. If they aren't busy selling a car, don't have them sat around watching the queue - get them serving and aiding customers.
Offline 182owner  
#12 Posted : 31 July 2009 18:35:05(UTC)

Posts: 479

Improve product knowledge of staff the number of times I have been asked what a R26 is.Also I expect my car and myself to be treated with respect so when I point out a fault don't look or treat me like I have no motoring knowledge or am making it up for attention. Finally when you have my car treat it with care do not thrash it or leave marks on the paint show some care.

However since using Renault Bolton it has been clear they can do the above and more so why can't others.

Offline Al  
#13 Posted : 31 July 2009 20:30:47(UTC)

Posts: 3,683

Not a major issue as I haven't had too many warranty issues, nor ever taken my RS's to Renault for servicing but on the occasion I do and have been back since buying the car from new I have generally been made to feel like a nuisance. The dealers have been very friendly and bending over backwards to accommodate me in any way possible but as soon as I've signed on the dotted line, they couldn't have cared less. I had to call them a half dozen times to check whether the car had actually been delivered and the last time I did was met with "Yeah, turned up yesterday". Not good customer service, which surely should be paramount into today's struggling car industry.

I also know realistically picking up and new car and handover is the smallest part of ownership, but it's still a very important part of the whole experience. Certainly should've been for me. I don't want to feel my shiny new expensive car is an inconvenience because they already have my money. Hardly sets a good precedent and is certainly the main reason I get my cars serviced at RS specialists rather than take it back to the dealers. As a whole I find dealers near me (three of them) unwelcoming, bar in the causal "hello" from the receptionist.

The RUK team on here should do workshops for dealers on being polite, helpfulness and importantly solving the problem quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Smile

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Offline j30fos  
#14 Posted : 31 July 2009 21:33:14(UTC)

Posts: 317

thats easy, what I wont is Chester Renaults walm welcome, product knowledge and trying everything to get me the best price possible.

WHAT I DONT WANT, MY LOCAL RENAULT DEALERSHIP(BOLTON) Ive been in there 3 times and spoke to 3 different salesman and all 3 were terrible, the worst I've come accross I 17 years of buying cars. There product knowlege was 0% I asked them I few questions and all I got off one of them was, well we;ve had a black one in and thats it. I said, do you have a demo they said no, I asked when they reckon they'll have one in they said, no idea, They told me that all the info I need will be on the Renault website, very poor BOLTON.

Its a shame Renault dont do a name and shame as I wont be going back to Bolton again, even though Chester is 40 miles away, to me its worth the journey.

Offline NickandTashas230f1  
#15 Posted : 31 July 2009 22:23:19(UTC)

Posts: 13

I agree with all the above especially when dealers argue over warrenty claims and wont help you unless you have contacted RUK, The job then takes twice as long giving a poor customer experience, i experienced this with my rear screen smashing just 4 months after purchase and being told it was NOT a commen fault didnt help. it would also be great if dealers would do exactly what they SAY they are going to do, When i traded my old car in i asked if i needed to do anything and was told "No il send everything off for you", Much to my suprise i recived a fine for £80 from the dvla 8 months later because the yellow slip was never sent to them and the car was sat on there forcourt for 2 months un taxed, Fantastic. i appreciate it is the owners resposability but i would have happly sent it myself and saved £80 in the process.

I think my local dealers service department lacks knowlage, honesty and any form of customer service, If something is a known fault it would fine to be told that, At least the customer would feel better knowing the truth and getting it resolved not being told to phone RUK because the dealer cant or wont help you.

Offline PAOLO3  
#16 Posted : 31 July 2009 22:49:54(UTC)

Posts: 4,196

[quote=Al]...................., bar in the causal "hello" from the receptionist...........


The receptionist at Solihull is lovely...best part of my visit everytime......I think she is Patsy Kensits mum- or trying to be...but either way, always smiley and chatty Approve

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Offline PAOLO3  
#17 Posted : 31 July 2009 23:06:23(UTC)

Posts: 4,196

When I was at Solihull recently and asked could the warranty inspector visit the Solihull dealership and view my car- or could they transport it to Wednesbury even-I was handed a leaflet with the address I had to drive to on. It said :


My answer to this: .

..........You failed. This time. Last time. The time before. And the time before that. ...My drivers door is still 'dropped' and my B-pillar seal is still in 3 or more parts....Disapprove

...but (and this is a big but)..............the product is brilliant and I speak for most on here when I say we all take so much pride in driving RenaultSport- moreso even, than many of the dealers selling the brand for you in the UK!

So, RUK, pleeeeeeeeease give us something back for choosing Renaultsport...make your product and enthusiasm for it, before, during and after the sale, the envy of others Approve Star

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Offline Kirsty172  
#18 Posted : 31 July 2009 23:39:14(UTC)

Posts: 4,950

agree about the warranty thing. Today, had a dealer today telling me there's nothing wrong with the wear rate on 197 recaros this morning when I went in to complain about the deformed and worn driver's seat squab...?!

we're not born yesterday, so trying to be treated like one really doesn't cut it.

Things such as this meant that when we chose to replace our r26, another RS wasn't even on the shortlist, which after 7 or 8 bought previously, is a real shame, for both us and RUK.

Offline Flying Frog  
#19 Posted : 01 August 2009 00:08:39(UTC)
Flying Frog

Posts: 68

the after sales care would be the best thing to improve. Not being over the top by trying to sell you more insurance, covers,... just a genuine "everything all right with your car". Also have the dealer more aware about the car they are selling. With the rs200 and the twingo GT at the time although I understand that they were new car but I had to do my own home work from the website because they didn't know much about it.
Offline foxspeed  
#20 Posted : 01 August 2009 09:26:55(UTC)

Posts: 21,625
Location: retour dans la bulle

a welcome appraoch guys well done for taking the first step Approve

dealers i would say much has been covered but to re-cap i would say -

better product knowledge (especially renaultsport models as they are your "flagship" range)

consistant pricing on servicing

better handling of warranty - other manufacturers class most jobs as warranty first and deal accordingly (within warranty period)

i get offers from my local dealer but it always excludes rs models - so i NEVER use them

RUK to have more clout when customers are dissatisfied with a dealership

more promotion of this site for dealers to "interact" with us

Big Smile

Offline Buffalo Girls  
#21 Posted : 01 August 2009 10:06:56(UTC)
Buffalo Girls

Posts: 1,842

My dealer is fine. The only thing I'd like to be able to do is to speak to a technician directly, rather than through the reception staff. Not too bothered about what model and colour (!) the courtesy car is, for me, transport to get home or work is more important. In fact, I'd be quite happy to wait whilst mine's done. I'd rather the car was not cleaned as I can do a better job.

Offline jeckle1_uk  
#22 Posted : 02 August 2009 16:28:28(UTC)

Posts: 184

i have an 08 plate clio 197 cup which i have had for 8 months. it has recently gone into my local delaership for the 3rd time in the space of 2 months for exactly the same problem which they cannot diagnose. yes i have been given a courtesy car on every occasion but i dont think giving me a clio campus is acceptable considering i purchased one of renaults flag ship cars, which i am still currently paying for. A friend of mine has an audi A5, his car went in for a service and as a replacement he was given an audi TTS. It would be nice to know that renault valued there higher end customers and supplied us with cars equal to our personal vehicles. This however is just a minor point as i am loosing faith with my car. There is obviously a serious fault with it and it would be nice for renault just to admit that the car has a serious problem and actually reimberse with a new car.

If any one else has had a similar problem it would be nice to hear your thoughts and experiences

Offline jamesev  
#23 Posted : 02 August 2009 18:14:48(UTC)

Posts: 1,923

I agree about the knowledge of the dealer. When I bought mine, I enquired about the tunepoint option and receive a blank face followed by being told, "You're best to look on the website for pricing".... Ummmmm as i'm ording my car through you dearler, how about YOU go look for me for pricing.
Offline roystinho  
#24 Posted : 02 August 2009 18:33:33(UTC)

Posts: 8,584

Same as most others, product knowledge. I know there are some good salesmen, but most don't have a clue. Quite embarrassing when you know far more than they do.

I've also been bullsh!tted by one dealer saying to uprate my brakes I'd need a full strut replacement going into the £ks!!! Annoyed and ended up buying parts myself and getting a local garage to fit them

Offline David RUK  
#25 Posted : 02 August 2009 20:05:14(UTC)
David RUK

Posts: 400

jeckle1_uk wrote:

i have an 08 plate clio 197 cup which i have had for 8 months. it has recently gone into my local delaership for the 3rd time in the space of 2 months for exactly the same problem which they cannot diagnose. yes i have been given a courtesy car on every occasion but i dont think giving me a clio campus is acceptable considering i purchased one of renaults flag ship cars, which i am still currently paying for. A friend of mine has an audi A5, his car went in for a service and as a replacement he was given an audi TTS. It would be nice to know that renault valued there higher end customers and supplied us with cars equal to our personal vehicles. This however is just a minor point as i am loosing faith with my car. There is obviously a serious fault with it and it would be nice for renault just to admit that the car has a serious problem and actually reimberse with a new car.

If any one else has had a similar problem it would be nice to hear your thoughts and experiences

Have you spoken to our customer services team Jeckle?

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