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Offline Simon7929  
#1 Posted : 22 April 2016 20:50:32(UTC)

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How difficult is it to glue a rear spoiler on a 200t? The above named circus seem to think it's a specialised job according to the branch manager, one they got totally wrong. He told us that it should have gone to ' a specialist Renault dealer' never heard that one before. Certainly wasn't mentioned when I booked the car in!

They took the car in last Monday saying they needed it 2 hours to give the glue time to set. We were fine with that. Got the call to come and pick the car up around mid afternoon. Goes down to pick the car up, did the usual mileage/fuel check and the walk around looking for parking dents and door chips, all was as we left her. Checked the work on the spoiler only to see all the excess Black glue all over the pristine LY paintwork. It had also come out of the shut line on the roof and could be seen when the tailgate was shut. complained about the excess glue and they agreed to clean it off. I arranged for the car to come in again two days later. Anyway to cut a long story short they admitted they couldn't get it off as it had gone hard but had given it a go. Whilst doing this they'd taken the Yellow paint off in a few places. The salesman said they would send it to their body shop to be repainted. I said enough is enough and that the car would be going to a body shop of my choice and they wouldn't be going anywhere near it. They even had the cheek to leave a form inside showing their servicing prices. Absolute bunch of wa****s. The car is a 65 plate with 3k miles on it. I had to laugh when he said that 99% of customers wouldn't of complained as it was hardly noticeable. Maybe on a Black car but not LY, sticks out like a sore thumb. He then tried to say you could see the glue before the work had been done. I explained that despite Renault quality control being bad, even they wouldn't have allowed that! All this trouble just because some couldn't care less grease monkey couldn't be bothered to wipe off some excess glue, it's basic stuff! Rant over, sorry guys but I am fuming to say the least...
Offline Simon7929  
#2 Posted : 26 April 2016 16:42:44(UTC)

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Took the car to a dealer of my choice today to have the tailgate painted after Evans Halshaw damaged it. However, they said that the harness that goes from the car body couldn't be disconnected unless it was cut. They'd have to remove the spoiler and brake light which had been bonded on to the car to disconnect the harness but the spoiler would be destroyed when trying to remove it because of the hard glue. So now I have to let he clowns at EH repair the car but my fear is they won't get it right. All this because of somebody not wiping the excess glue away. I'm absolutely sick. What the hell is it with these dealers. Why aren't Renault sorting these shower of s*** dealers out? You pay a lot of money for your car and you certainly don't expect to get your car back in a worse condition than when it went in. I've now been inconvenienced three times when what should have been a sample visit to a dealer for a safety recall. I've had to chase the manager up by phone as he doesn't seem to want to answer his emails too! This is totally unacceptable.
Offline Luke RUK  
#3 Posted : 26 April 2016 17:30:19(UTC)
Luke RUK

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Hi Simon,

Sorry to see you're having these issues. Would you like me to ask a member of our customer relations team to give you a call? Please send me your name/ reg number and contact details if so.
Offline Simon7929  
#4 Posted : 26 April 2016 18:42:22(UTC)

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Location: Ingleby Barwick

Thank Luke, PM sent.
Offline GrumpyTwig  
#5 Posted : 26 April 2016 23:49:05(UTC)

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Evans don't deserve customers, sadly they still exist yet they certainly have never done the brand any favours.
Offline shocker  
#6 Posted : 27 April 2016 04:47:35(UTC)

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Evans Halshaw supplied my car new and the after sales was terrible
I have never had such a bad experience from a dealer ever
If you check out online reviews about Halshaw I don't think they ever get more than 1.5 as a score
Offline Simon7929  
#7 Posted : 27 April 2016 08:22:03(UTC)

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Location: Ingleby Barwick

Slightly off topic but having a browse round the forecourt and saw two 16 plate cars for sale, only weeks old. One of them had about 7-8 deep scratches on the bumper and the other had a long scratch across the wing. What kind of a message does this give out about the dealer and Renault? To me it says ' we couldn't give a dam about our products.'
Offline FJ43  
#8 Posted : 27 April 2016 16:53:15(UTC)

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The level of customer service you get will almost always be down to the individuals that your are dealing with, I have had a lot of well publicised "problems" with my Megane, the level of service from my Dealers Service Dept has been faultless.
The level of service from RUK just left me feeling that if they stalled long enough, I would just get p****d off and go away, it is really down to the individuals, and how much they are under pressure by the commercial element of the company, you can alway tell when someone is really trying to help or just going though the motions.
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