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#1 Posted : 27 April 2017 15:38:33(UTC)

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Set up an account on the Renault Sport page at https://www.renaultsport.com/rsp
I believe the username/password is common across all Renault Sport pages so you may already be registered.
Click on 'OK', accept the disclaimer (in French) to open the main page - NOTE: This can be a bit temperamental.

Select the tab MAPS/CIRCUITS
From here you can...
1. See a list of maps you have submitted.
2. Create a new map - Bit like Google Earth Maps, search and select a circuit and then using a series of mouse clicks describe the track layout from a given start point.
3. See all the maps that have been added by other members.

Once you have made/selected a map click on to the SEE DETAILS OF THE MAP (bottom Left) to see the full map view.
If you are happy with it then click on option 1 - Export for RS Monitor.
Download both files - .kml and .png - to your computer.

Both files now need to be copied to a memory stick for use with RS Monitor.
The memory stick must have a folder named RS with sub-folders named Acquisitions, Highscores,Maps,Screenshots.
To be honest I cannot remember if they are created automatically if you download the file direct from RS Replay so you may need to create the structure manually.

Both downloaded files need to copied to the Maps folder.

In car, switch on the Monitor and insert the USB stick - ignore the 'No Music Found' message.
Scroll through the RS Monitor screens to the GPS Stopwatch.
Press the '+' button and select 'Change Track' - all maps (.png) on the memory stick will be displayed.
Select the desired circuit.

Move back (left arrow) 2 screens to the Datalogger.
By default the virtual switch will be in the OFF position.
Touching it will switch it on - Beware: It will start logging as soon as you do this therefore if you are in the pits etc you will get a lot of useless information so best to activate once you are on track.

When you actually activate will be determined by what you want to do with the recorded data.
As you have seen I want to synchronise mine with the on-board video so I switch mine on at the end of the first (warm up) lap making note of a visual reference on track for editing the start point of the final video.

Once you have finished for the day connect the USB to your computer and log in to RS Replay.
Browse to the RS/Acquisitions folder - All recorded sessions will be displayed.
Select one, fill in the run information and press SAVE.
This will now be added to your MY RUNS list, double click on the list and a graphic of the run will be displayed.
Select the INFOS RUNS tab - here you can run each lap individually of select REPLAY to run the complete session.
At the top right of the window you will see an icon (Whit Cross) - this will allow you to download the telemetry data as a .csv file.

All you need now is your in car video plus software that can read the telemetry data and you are good to go.

If by now you are thinking that this all seems a bit long winded and tedious then I would have to agree with you.
However after a few times it does not seem quite as bad and IMHO does enable you to analyse your performance lap by lap whilst displaying the circuit and 3 (selectable) of the monitor screens plus your video can be enhanced quite nicely.
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#2 Posted : 26 May 2017 08:55:29(UTC)
Vw tt

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Thanks for the guide. I bought my car on Monday and went to cadwell yesterday :) it's great to see the data. All I need now is to merge it all worth the videos I took. 👍The guide you wrote was a big help. Thanks.
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#3 Posted : 26 May 2017 09:54:19(UTC)

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sounds like a complicated, but free version of 'harrys lap timer'
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