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Offline Womble  
#1 Posted : 05 October 2017 20:07:06(UTC)

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Just thought I would do an update on my 2014 Clio IV 200 EDC. I have had the car now for 2 and a half years, and I'm not one for keeping cars, I have really enjoyed the whole concept of the modern hatch.

Unfortunately my cars don't stay standard for long, one of my first mods was a flash remap from Superchips, but we were plagued with error messages, this led me back to RS Tuning who had previously mapped my 200 na car.

Originally we just sorted out the bad map and left with 237 bhp and a big bag of torque as we were unsure how much the transmission would take.

After a while of problem free running I returned with a secondary decat pipe, mid box chop and an Airtec intercooler and reached 239 bhp, a hole 2 bhp. Paul had an ITG Maxogen filter to try and we were surprised to see 244 bhp. a full 5 bhp peak power and 15 bhp gain at the end of the rev range. we also managed over 285 ftlb of torque but the clutch slipped slightly on the dyno so the torque was capped at just under 285 ftlb.

I ran the car for another 12 months the occasional change, biggest problem for me was the exhaust, I just couldn't get something that sounded good and didn't scare the grandkids. I ended up using the Inoxcar 63.5mm turbo back system putting a sport cat back in where the secondary cat was and putting a midbox back in with the twin exit exhaust. I tried the single exit, a non silenced rear pipe all sorts but I now have a system that sounds ok and is liveable with on a daily basis.

I have also tried several intercoolers, these mainly help with the higher inlet temps we see on a mapped car, but there are down falls. The front mounts block off the radiator leading to higher temperatures in traffic, the side mounts don't work as well as the front mounts but the water temps on track stay cool. Swings and roundabouts, one day we will get a better radiator.

Eventually I ended up with the Proalloy intercooler, tube and fin so not as much radiator blocking and low pressure drop with the extruded core and you get a new throttle elbow as well.

Next I managed to track down a couple of turbos so with the help of Vasterad I then built a cold side Hybrid, so you don't have to remove the turbo from the manifold saving breaking all those studs and having to get them all drilled out. Coupled with the 220 plastic inlet trumpet which is plug and play with all the ancillaries and it keeps all the breather system correct.

Turbo is nothing fancy basically a 200 exhaust housing and wheel and a 220 size billet wheel, uprated thrust and stepped piston ring all dynamically balanced

Again back to see Paul at RS Tuning, running on no boost as didn't know how much boost we would have as we were still on a maxed out 200 Turbo map.

I thought I might see 260 maybe 265, as all I had done was add a bigger inducer wheel and it was only very slightly bigger and not the full 220 turbo spec.

Car was strapped in the dyno Paul backed down the map and did a run. 260 bhp straight away, a few tweaks 270, a few more 275, car was a little lean so Paul added some more fuel and it ran 280bhp, it had made more power running slightly richer. With the torque capped out at 275 ftlb, off we went back home. Now after putting many miles on the car including track time a Donnington, I went back to try an uprated actuator to see if there was any mileage in that, unfortunately, it didn't work I actually lost power, so we bolted the standard Actuator back on and Paul rewrote the file again just to smooth everything out really, only gained another 1.8bhp but the power delivery is so controlled, the gearbox loves it, it is shifting better in auto than it did when standard. To top it off the fuel economy is better currently returning 35 mpg in my app or the gauge shows 36.4mpg ave.

The car has now covered 43000 miles, it runs on 99 octane fuel, it gets genuine oil every 6250 miles and my dealer still services very 12500 miles.

I have fitted Brembo's on the front a few styling changes and my Xenon light conversion.

The only faults have been a flat battery which was replaced under warranty, the rlink in its early days and the recalls. Other than that this car fits my criteria, its a hot hatch when I want it, its a commuter when I want it, its a track toy when i want it and those 4 doors are dead handy when you are going to the tip.

Thank you Renault you created a modern hatch, thank you RS Tuning you have created a hot hatch that fits in today's hot hatch market.


I will add other picture as I have time though some will of been posted before.

I really do have to thank RS Tuning and all the team there for their continued support in helping me produce this fantastic reliable car. Not many tuning companies are willing to spend the time and effort in producing a car that drives as it left the factory, we can all bolt parts on or pay someone to bolt things on but without a someone to pull all these parts together it is as they say priceless.

So the point of the post, well call it a bit of willy waving if you want, but what I want to say, to all those people that slagged this car off when it was launched the doubters of the gearbox, the doubters of whether Renaultsport had lost the plot.

No Renaultsport you gave us the best Clio sport so far, but one that fits in a modern market, something that works, that does not cost a fortune to run, that the young can rag, the old can pretend to rag and a family can get their kids in.

The RS16 would of been nice and I think you did miss the goal on that but we have exceeded the power you had in that , we have stuck some suspension on and some brakes on ok it is not an RS 16 but its an RS 281 and a bit.

Thanks for reading.
Offline sunnylunn  
#2 Posted : 05 October 2017 20:25:02(UTC)

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aha, so it was your car i saw on the RS Tuning Facebook page! great write up, have you had the gearbox map done as well? can't wait for Paul to get into the 220 ecu. Its such a good car to hustle down a twisty bumpy road, anyone that slags them hasn't driven one.
Offline eccentric1  
#3 Posted : 05 October 2017 22:09:57(UTC)

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Thanks for that Womble.
*Quietly impressed*
Offline Tanim  
#4 Posted : 06 October 2017 10:01:18(UTC)

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Location: Tyne and Wear

Cheers Womble. Thoroughly enjoyed reading every bit of your post. I used to have lightly modded Mazda 6 MPS but most MPS owners modded their cars exactly how you have mentioned. Do we know the threshold of max BHP and torque the 1.6 could handle before doing an engine rebuild? They are supposedly Nismo 1.6 engine and should be far superior than older generations of RS Clio I'd imagine.
Offline paul ja  
#5 Posted : 06 October 2017 11:44:46(UTC)
paul ja

Posts: 38

Nice write up Ian, as usual logical steps gaining very good results

Whats next ?
Offline Marc_250  
#6 Posted : 06 October 2017 14:17:10(UTC)

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Be interesting to know accurately (vbox etc not RS monitor) what that does for the 0-60 time...
Offline Georgeski  
#7 Posted : 06 October 2017 15:22:59(UTC)

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280bhp is impressive in a Clio!
Offline veef13  
#8 Posted : 06 October 2017 18:55:22(UTC)

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Great write up, inspirational for those who want more power from their clios
Offline probecomp  
#9 Posted : 08 October 2017 08:18:05(UTC)

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Great write up!

Still not a car for me, but I love what you've done to it! The improvements are impressive Smile
Offline sunnylunn  
#10 Posted : 08 October 2017 15:21:04(UTC)

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Location: Renault owner 😀

its called 'modding' lots of people do it, google will help you out.
Offline grumpy scot  
#11 Posted : 09 October 2017 09:21:46(UTC)
grumpy scot

Posts: 19

well done Womble! Obviously a real enthusiast. I've had an itg induction kit fitted also ( bought from RS tuning) Thinking of a Wagner intercooler at the mo. We'll see.

The itg system pushed up my premiums by £6.50. What was ins premiums damage with all your mods?
Offline sunnylunn  
#12 Posted : 09 October 2017 12:31:32(UTC)

Posts: 830
Location: Renault owner 😀

did you not the map tweaked with the induction kit ? Keep telling myself to leave it alone as i spend a fortune on my R26!
Offline grumpy scot  
#13 Posted : 09 October 2017 14:21:25(UTC)
grumpy scot

Posts: 19

mayba in future
Offline Womble  
#14 Posted : 09 October 2017 19:02:47(UTC)

Posts: 561

Originally Posted by: grumpy scot Go to Quoted Post
well done Womble! Obviously a real enthusiast. I've had an itg induction kit fitted also ( bought from RS tuning) Thinking of a Wagner intercooler at the mo. We'll see.

The itg system pushed up my premiums by £6.50. What was ins premiums damage with all your mods?

I have a policy with unlimited mods on it, so every time I do anything I just ring them up and it gets added.

Offline quackpack  
#15 Posted : 11 October 2017 01:02:10(UTC)

Posts: 30

Great write up, most of my performance mods are influence by your mods!Big Smile
Offline petercronin  
#16 Posted : 12 October 2017 12:01:57(UTC)

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This is a great little write up, well done. I imagine it's been pretty hard work finding bits that fit considering how few of these there seems to be around. Its good to hear some love for the car rather than the usual "comments".
Offline Fraser  
#17 Posted : 02 November 2017 10:14:58(UTC)

Posts: 35

Thanks for the great write up!
How's the clutch holding up I remember you saying you had some slippage at a certain torque figure - have you managed to work around it?
Offline Womble  
#18 Posted : 05 November 2017 21:19:05(UTC)

Posts: 561

Originally Posted by: Fraser Go to Quoted Post
Thanks for the great write up!
How's the clutch holding up I remember you saying you had some slippage at a certain torque figure - have you managed to work around it?

The clutch and gearbox are all holding up fine. Paul now caps the torque at 275 ftlb and the ramp in is nice so it is not pushing anything beyond its limits.

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