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Offline Simon Edward Penketh  
#1 Posted : 16 March 2018 19:06:57(UTC)
Simon Edward Penketh

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Ive recently noticed a grinding noise from my Clio 220 Trophy. It does come and go and seems to occur at relatively low speeds. Sometimes its accompanied by a mechanical clunk. It almost sounds like the breaks but I have looked and can't see anything obvious. I also checked for any foreign bodies trapped inside wheels etching but nothing obvious. I noticed that there have been posts about noises from the gear box. The noise could be coming from the gearbox area. Sometimes the gear change does bounce. Its a loud noise and sounds terrible. Definitely not right and I spotted a pedestrian grimmice so it's audible from outside the car. I've got to book it in at dealers, but wondered if anyone else has had a similar problem?


Offline Buffalo Girls  
#2 Posted : 18 March 2018 07:12:36(UTC)
Buffalo Girls

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At last, after 4 or 5 days, the offensive post has been removed

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User is suspended until 26/07/2046 21:22:23(UTC) MrVix  
#3 Posted : 20 March 2018 08:10:07(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: Buffalo Girls Go to Quoted Post
Do you have to use such language you idiot?

Totally agree Bufalo Girls, it is disgusting that the post in question using the 'C' word has been allowed to remain in situ for days!! Mods you really need to pull your finger out and ban this individual. You are either 'over moderating' or doing nothing!!!

The Thread title by the same member intimating use of the 'F' word is also not acceptable.

At Shocker, it is not big and it is not clever to use 'really' foul language, expecially when it is likely children could be reading. GROW UP.
Offline Tanim  
#4 Posted : 20 March 2018 09:52:40(UTC)

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I think the comment must have been deleted but to answer OP, yes rattles are part of it when the suspension is as stiff as a go kart. Never bother me, it's not a luxury car, it's a proper hot hatch. I sometimes put stuff in my bad and even they rattle! LOL
Offline sunnylunn  
#5 Posted : 21 March 2018 05:49:53(UTC)

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I must just be lucky, no rattles at all, nearly 20k, I did have to put a bit of silicone lube on the hatch rubber seal to sort one out, but other than that, spot on.
Offline Georgeski  
#6 Posted : 21 March 2018 13:24:53(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: Buffalo Girls Go to Quoted Post
At last, after 4 or 5 days, the offensive post has been removed

As soon as the post was flagged it was deleted.
Offline shocker  
#7 Posted : 22 March 2018 21:11:23(UTC)

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Ban me if you like but you all know I’m telling the truth about the rs200t and all the things I’m saying that are faulty with my car or the way renault talk to you , if renault managers sware at me I think I have the right to write about it
open speech should be allowed
If I sware on all the other forums the words get changed to a nicer word why doesn’t it here
And to be honest it wasn’t me that used the f word
If I remember right it was one of renaults service managers telling me to F off and then apologising for it by text and to return to the dealer to put in the right oil
If renault got their act together and put some decent trained managers into their show rooms I wouldn’t have to write about them
And if anyone comes on saying I don’t k ow what I’m talking about and that I don’t have a 200t like they have in the past well your wrong son
I do have one and like many people who are right with their problems write up as well
The 200 t is the worst. Car I have had for reliability and service managers talking rubbish
The post by another about the car having faulty light stalks and renault telling me it’s because your pushing up against gravity and that’s why it’s stiff on the upwards position
The manager that told me my boot wouldn’t stay open because I had changed the spoiler to a aftermarket one and he said I must have because the new clio doesn’t come with a spoiler like that
Etc etc etc etc etc
Renault should train their staff up on new cars
For two years renault mechanics kept telling me they don’t know how to fix the r-link because they have never been trained on it
I could go on about renault all night but I’m sure you lot don’t want to here it
People keep posting up the same things again and again about the early 200ts and posts keep getting removed
We are not all liers and removing posts about faults on the 200t is wrong
You should be removing my sware words and not the posts,
But again the clio has been the best fun car I’ve had and the paddle shift is about the best I’ve driven
As I said at the Top ban me if you want
If you look at all the other posts on other forums for the 200/220t all of them seem to be negative posts about known faulty things that renault don’t seem to be doing any thing about
I’m not a liar and neither are all the others putting up negative posts about renault customer service
Removing them doesn’t do renault any good
I will try to refrain from useing nasty words in the future
I will apologise about the c word I should not have written it and will not again SOS
If you go on the Audi or bmw forums you’ll find I have never say anything nasty about bmw or my x5
My Audi s5 has been a superb car and Audi have gave me great service
Yes I’ve had problems with both the bmw and the Audi but they have been sorted and fixed courteously so I find no need to come on forums and give bad feed back
Back to renault
Never in my 35 years of buying cars have I found a dealer put in the wrong oil and then tell me to f word off as I was wrong and I was bothering him
I got a apology by text but he would not come out his office and apologise when I went back
The mechanic done a great job and swiftly changed to the right oil and even showed me the correct container the oil came from , now that’s service

Offline shocker  
#8 Posted : 22 March 2018 21:26:24(UTC)

Posts: 491

Mr vix
You mention the same forum member (me) using the F word in the main title on another post ( think it’s
About rattles ) Lew rs post I think
Well that isn’t me and the post with the F word in the title is still up and live
So all you lot that are picking on me for swaring and telling the truth about the faults on my car go and look at what other people are writing and ban them at the same time as me
Lots old people sware on here
Go ban them as well
Offline shocker  
#9 Posted : 22 March 2018 22:22:51(UTC)

Posts: 491


I’m going over to cliosport this lot know how to enjoy themselves

As for being an idiot I certainly am not
I am a electrical engineer with a degree what you got
Stuck up bitch
Offline Buffalo Girls  
#10 Posted : 23 March 2018 07:09:56(UTC)
Buffalo Girls

Posts: 1,844

Bye bye
Offline Tanim  
#11 Posted : 23 March 2018 09:58:56(UTC)

Posts: 307
Location: Tyne and Wear

Originally Posted by: shocker Go to Quoted Post

I’m going over to cliosport this lot know how to enjoy themselves

As for being an idiot I certainly am not
I am a electrical engineer with a degree what you got
Stuck up bitch

an electrical*

No need for using abusive language.
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