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Offline Simon  
#26 Posted : 30 April 2019 12:06:59(UTC)

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Location: Leeds

I got a key case on Ebay which has key attachments
Offline jeziron  
#27 Posted : 30 April 2019 13:22:42(UTC)

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Got a picture or a link so we can see what there are like Simon
Offline Colm_ire  
#28 Posted : 13 May 2019 13:11:36(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: mattyw Go to Quoted Post
300 Trophy review (having had it all weekend and driven every type of road)

For perspective, I drive a 265 cup pack Mégane and previously drove the 280 over a weekend.

300 is a different beast. Vs the 280, the car is just livelier and with the (much needed) exhaust for some more drama.

The exhaust, in race mode, is brilliant. The cracks and bangs are borderline anti social, in a good way and in comfort, the flap shuts and the car relaxes down.

The ride, like the 280, it’s nowhere near as hard as some reviews make out!! I honestly don’t get it. I say it’s extremely compliant and the damping is over and above my 265, as you’d expect.

Traction, was amazing, but this was during a 20degree plus weekend so perfect tarmac!

4 wheel steer I found no issues, it just makes the car more direct. I didn’t find it took away from the driving experience at all.

Recaros - are wider (not by much) than my 265 Recaros but actually, I think, more comfortable but gave the same support in the bends. Suited me perfect.

Led lights - are decent enough, my dipped beam xenons are better but full beam on the 300 is fantastic

What isn’t great - sat nav worked well, when destination set, but getting there is a pain
Infotainment generally isn’t user friendly but again, when working, works well
RS monitor - inside a menu of a menu
Gearbox - I think I read it’s the 265 box with a shorter throw, which is correct, but sometimes it wasn’t slick and a bit notchy - not a deal breaker however but my 265 box is nicer.

For those buying and considering the other options:
BOSE - brilliant, super loud no distortion
Rear camera - really impressed with the lighting in poor light (going dark) looks like daylight
Alcantara wheel - nice touch

This is all my personal view of course!

Think that’s it in a nutshell...Any questions happy to try and help

...anyone got 30k spare?

Nice review, congrats on the purchase, you'll have a lot of fun in this car! I test drove a Trophy at the weekend having previously driven a 280 Cup.

In my opinion the Trophy, albeit insanely expensive (€56k with Bose/Recaros etc in Ireland), is a noticeable step up over the 280, between feeling a bit quicker and the fantastic exhaust.
I've rallied for over a decade and the Trophy in Sport/Race mode on a back road is the closest I've felt to being in the rally car, whilst in a 5 door 5 seater road car, which was then lovely and quiet when I backed it off to comfort mode when back in town. I'm not a huge fan of the pops and bangs that reviewers wet themselves about these days, in the i30n i thought they added nothing and sounded tinny and fake, but the Trophy pops and bangs certainly adds to the experience and the overall experience 'feels' alot more real.

Is there another hot hatch with 5 seats for sale that's more fun than a Trophy for a back road blast, maybe, but not that I've driven anyway. Fantastic brakes, I don't mind the 4WS, i know it puts some off, the ability to change direction/alter line/stop at speed is so impressive.

Ride quality - my opinions on that have been voiced before, personally I believe it's a huge huge miss that comfort mode doesn't slacken off the ride also, it's a deal breaker, but, said all that before.....

The infotainment etc, not great, but again, no deal breaker. In comfort mode I don't understand why there is no rev counter, maybe the Perso mode allows this, I didn't check, seems abit pointless not having it, but again not a huge deal

One question for owners. The one I drove had about 3000km on it and did feel to have very noticeable lag, for example going on full throttle in 3rd at 3000rpm. It then went like a scalded cat all the way to the red line, and again in the next gear and sounded amazing, but the lag was very noticeable. Don't get me wrong, it's no deal breaker, but it surprised me. Have others noticed this? I'm wondering if it was just the one i drove.
Offline f.a.t  
#29 Posted : 13 May 2019 14:11:45(UTC)

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Just picked up Trophy a few hours ago. Im very pleased with it, the damping especially. The whole car has a feeling of solidarity. Gearbox tight, was feeling slicker by the mile. Engine has a lot of low down torque and the exhaust pops and bangs dont feel orchastrated. Brilliant.
Offline FramerateUK  
#30 Posted : 13 May 2019 15:42:11(UTC)

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For those who notice the the gearbox to be a bit notchy, it'll get smoother over time. Mine is much better feeling now than it was when it was new.

(it's nowhere near as notchy as the likes of an Impreza - although that rarely seems to get mentioned in reviews of them!).
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