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Offline Lemon  
#1 Posted : 11 May 2019 09:25:37(UTC)

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Hi, I need help in diagnosing my problem with my car which is a 2015 CLIO IV RS CUP EDC.
I have been monitoring the problem for 2 months now and have listed symptoms below.

Dual Clutch Transmission Clanking Noise & Symptoms:

1. Best way to describe clunking noise sounds like metal joints that are loose sounding like clunk-clunk

2. Clunking noises will be most prominent and occur when engine/gearbox is warm/hot. Very rare to get the noises when cold

3. Clunking noises occur when clutch engages/disengages, gear changes. Usually at speed range of 0-30km/h

4. Reversing will make a clunking noise

5. Reversing then into drive will also make clanking noise

6. Gear transition from 1-2 at slow speed will make clanking noise most the time but not always

7. Gear transition on downshift 2-1 at slow speed will make clanking noise most the time but not always

8. When reversing most of the time there will be a noise like a rough whine

9. When on very steep hills incline/decline within gear range of 1st or 2nd at speed range of 10-20km/h you will hear a whine noise and sometimes car will jerk

Other Intermittent Problems & Symptoms (NOT SURE WHAT THE PROBLEM IS) :

1. Cold starts will always smell like petrol from exhaust, after warm smell is fine

2. On some occasions car will lightly jerk

3. On rare occassions engine will lightly bog when accelerating fast

4. When A/C is on symptoms gets worse and it feels like car acceleration is choking, lagging and not responsive on low rpms range 0-3000rpm. Usually will notice it when taking off from a stop there is a delay in acceleration/taking off. The delay is dangerous when I need to accelerate fast to make a turn or overtaking

5. When reversing and going into drive or when on a incline and car rolls back abit and then I gently tap the accelerator to go forward the car will feel like it is going to stall and cut out for 1 second and then comes back to normal. This problem happens very intermittently and has only happened 3 times now. (not sure if this related to this or my transmission?)


Does anyone know what the problem with my car is judging by all the symptoms I have listed?

Also with my transmission noise it should not be making these noise right? These noises should not be normal at all unless there is something wrong?

Sorry for long post but I really need to know what is wrong with my car before I take it to Renault. I want to avoid being lied to and have them telling me that these problems are all normal and later end up with a big bill since not under warranty anymore.

Thanks I hope you all can help diagnose my problem will mean alot as I’m stressing so bad =[
Offline oldfella  
#2 Posted : 11 May 2019 14:53:08(UTC)

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Maybe try RSMegane.com for a quicker reply.
Offline sunnylunn  
#3 Posted : 12 May 2019 18:45:37(UTC)

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Location: Renault owner 😀

My 220 trophy has done that from new, been in twice, they reckon nothing is wrong, ive been in another one which didn't make the noise.
Offline Lemon  
#4 Posted : 14 May 2019 02:12:53(UTC)

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Sunny, how long have you had the car for? Did any bigger problems persist from the noise later down the track?

The noise is not normal. I wonder what is the cause. I will be taking it to Renault but if they say there is no noise and it’s normal. I will have to do many missions to get my problem solved.

What do you rekon I should do if they tell me the noise is normal or they cannot hear it? I’m sure many people have experience mechanics not wanting to address the issue. Who should I speak to next? How and who do I escalate my problems further to?
Offline sunnylunn  
#5 Posted : 14 May 2019 06:55:46(UTC)

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Location: Renault owner 😀

ive had it 2 1/2 years now, apart from that noise, its been fault free. I've not been out with a tech, but when its been in for a service they say they can't replicate the noise, which is bollox as its hard to miss. Its doesn't bother me as its under warranty and they've logged my concerns.
Offline Lemon  
#6 Posted : 15 May 2019 01:55:03(UTC)

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Sunny, mine makes exact noise I have taken it in a told the service people my problem. They done a ECU update on the EDC and readjust the clutch friction point. It has gotten better but the noise is still there. Does anyone know what the exact problem is?

What should I do further at this point my warranty ends in a year. How do I get the technician out and drive with them to show the EXACT issue? Because taking it in to normal service they could not replicate it well as me, the owner. I want to show them to avoid all excuses. Is there someone higher up to call out that expertise in Renault problems than just general servicing mechanics?
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