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Offline Nono  
#1 Posted : 12 June 2019 06:31:15(UTC)

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Been hanging around here for a while but first time posting.

I have a Clio Trophy 220 PH1.

Towards the end of last year, I had an Airtec intercooler, 100 cell cat and down-pipe installed, along with a rolling road session to set up the map.

End results are:

Before After Change
Power: 118kw 136kw +15%
Torque: 223Nm 292Nm +31%

Results are at the wheels. If you use the percentage change, I should be at around 254hp and 366Nm.

Other than these changes, my car is completely stock. No spacers, standard wheels, Pilot SuperSport tyres, stock suspension.

Gearbox software has been updated.

The issue I'm facing is that in 4th, 5th and 6th gear, when accelerating foot to the floor, when I hit 2500rpm, my revs start increasing at a faster rate than what the car is moving at. It'll then sit at around 3500rpm until the car hits the matching speed.

I've had the gearbox reset along with the clutch slip/grip points, so that it might re-learn this, however this hasn't sorted out the issue.

Cars making more power and torque don't seem to have this issue.

So, after that long winded explanation, does anyone have any advice? Keen to get rid of the clutch slip, but would like to avoid reducing power or torque.

Offline MagicMike197  
#2 Posted : 06 July 2019 00:23:12(UTC)

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I haven't had a chance to play with one of these yet, but I'll do my best to help.

Did this issue start immediately after being mapped or just recently? I ask because maybe the tuner has changed something they shouldn't, but if you've had it reset and all came up good then I don't see why they would have. It might be worth heading back to the place that mapped it and having them take everything off (mapping wise) temporarily and seeing if anything changes. Sounds a bit strange that its grabbing again higher up the rpm range..

It is possible that the clutches have just worn out (depends on mileage and usage). you could try manually selecting a high gear at low speed and putting your foot down and seeing if it slips just to verify it is the clutch pack. It will more than likely start to smell as well if this is the case.

something to also bare in mind is the fact it has 2 clutches in the pack, one for odd gears (1, 3, 5) and one for even (2, 4, 6, R) so to slip in 4th, 5th and 6th both would have to be gone. Which is likely but I wouldn't rule out control issues.

Its definitely worth getting it looked at as its difficult to say with out seeing it. Just remember the longer it slips the worse it will get.

Hope you get it sorted anyways! :)
Offline andy  
#3 Posted : 06 July 2019 06:57:11(UTC)

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Good morning
I have dealt with a few of these, and it’s quite possible the input shafts seals are leaking, contaminating the clutch pack.
No warning lights ? Having had the parameters reset, they can drive it and look for slipping.
You will most likely have to have the gearbox removed and inspect for leak / wear on the clutches.
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