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Offline Familyman  
#1 Posted : 28 June 2019 16:35:39(UTC)

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Hello, I used to post on here a couple of years back, I had a new Trophy in 2016, and I was so tired of constantly hearing about the rubbish gearbox, and how inferior it was to anything vag. Personally I couldn't fault it and I just couldn't understand all the moaning, but I hadn't driven anything vag so I couldn't compare.

Well since then I have driven a fair few miles in a mk7 Golf R dsg, and I now own a facelift S3, 310 ps with 7 speed dsg gearbox, so I thought id just pop in to give my updated opinion, and guess what, despite all the comments about the poor clio gearbox and the great vag gearbox, I honestly can't say the vag box is better in any way, its great but so was the clio gearbox imo. !.

I remember hearing the gear change paddle wasn't positive enough, there was no clunk or feel to the actual gear change as you flicked the paddle, well the golf and the Audi are both exactly the same, theres no feel to anything, its literally just like clicking a mouse button, nothing clunks and you dont feel anything engage.

I also remember hearing complaints about the gear shift paddles on the clio not being located on the steering wheel, so they dont turn as the steering wheel does, and this supposedly is just plain wrong!. On the S3 they are on the steering wheel and so they do rotate with the wheel, well im afraid I prefer the clio fixed paddles, they are much longer so you can always reach them and more importantly, you always know where they are, the trouble is when the paddles are mounted on the steering wheel, if you have some lock on you lose track of where the paddles are, and you even have to think about which one is which.

Verdict, Renault got the gearbox and paddles spot on in my humble opinion. Approve

Offline Buffalo Girls  
#2 Posted : 29 June 2019 05:55:10(UTC)
Buffalo Girls

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Good post
Offline titian  
#3 Posted : 29 June 2019 06:46:27(UTC)

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My thoughts were the same when I got my vag car,down shifts far better and crisper on my Clio trophy
Offline Familyman  
#4 Posted : 29 June 2019 20:57:21(UTC)

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I might be wrong so ill have to read the handbook to check but I dont think the s3 has a full manual gearbox option either, what ever mode your in, even if you have the gearbox in sport mode and the car in dynamic mode, if you dont touch the paddles for about 30 seconds it reverts back to shifting on its own, if I remember right the clio would just let you hold any gear as long as you wanted, and it wouldnt upshift at the limiter unless you did it, I think it did down shift though to save engine labouring, is that right?

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Offline titian  
#5 Posted : 29 June 2019 21:39:48(UTC)

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Yes Clio wouldn't upshift but dsg does on the red line,you can move gear lever (dsg) over and put the gearbox in manual mode but will still change at redline. For me the Clio gearbox was better when giving it some but dsg better in daily driving.
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