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#1 Posted : 23 July 2019 13:48:45(UTC)

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I'm thinking of replacing the catback of the Akrapovic exhaust on my Clio 4 RS Trophy. End goal is to make it louder. And I think replacing the big box will help me achieve that.
I was wondering if someone has ever done this and what their experience was.

Akrapovic Catback
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#2 Posted : 23 July 2019 15:29:40(UTC)

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I'm also looking to improve my Trophy's sound, but not too much because it is my everyday car, and mine came with the standard exhaust.

I've been looking at Socpion, Supersprint, Milltek, Ragazzon and Inoxcar. These are the only brands I know of that make catback systems for the clio.

Some of them are EC approved, which allows the homologation of the exhaust.

I'll have to wait until my car is out of warranty though... Until 2022.

Going to follow this thread and see what others have.
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#3 Posted : 27 July 2019 06:29:06(UTC)

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The scorpion system is very good, you would be looking at about £600 for the non resonated cat back
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#4 Posted : 28 July 2019 09:27:36(UTC)

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Watching with interest - it had occurred to me with my previous experience of turbocharged cars that you may get everything you need with a simple decat pipe to the OE exhaust and it may even free up more power than going for a cat back exhaust upgrade
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#5 Posted : 28 July 2019 16:51:42(UTC)

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Originally Posted by: Nick@therealgranturismo.com Go to Quoted Post
Watching with interest - it had occurred to me with my previous experience of turbocharged cars that you may get everything you need with a simple decat pipe to the OE exhaust and it may even free up more power than going for a cat back exhaust upgrade

I think it might become too noisy on the phase 2 Clios. They don´t have the 2nd cat and removing the center resonator might bring out too much noise for some.

This video shows that exact thing done to a phase 2 Clio 200. At 16:00 he exits the shop and leaves and it sounds like way too much noise for my taste.

And here is another video of the same gy driving the car after removing the center resonator, and shows the noise inside the car.
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#6 Posted : 29 July 2019 11:52:44(UTC)

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I have a phase 2 trophy with the Akrapovic exhaust, I too wanted a little extra noise so here is what i have done.

I have had the rear silencer back box replaced with straight through pipes. I did not go down the route of decat or anything like that and given the Akrapoivc has no centre resonater honestly removing the rear silcener box is all you need to do. It will require being cut however.

The noise is spot on if at times a little too loud but it puts a massive smile on face. I have received numerous comments from people on how loud it is Big Smile. Without the rear silencer it unleases tons more pops and bangs which are really aggressive sounding too!

The only thing to bare in mind I would say is the Akrapovic exhaust has quite a distinct sound compared with a non-akra Clio and removing the rear silencer does mean it will lose its distinct sound/tone.

Hope my experience can help any Akra owners who are after a bit more noise. I 100% would not go back and I am glad I decided to get this done.

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#7 Posted : 29 July 2019 12:16:18(UTC)

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Is it your everyday car? I'd guess that removing the rear silencer on the Akrapovic will make it too noisy for daily driving...

Exhausts like the Ragazzon, Scorpion and others have the bennefit of being a bit ouuder, without being as loud as a straight catback.

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#8 Posted : 01 August 2019 06:11:52(UTC)

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The GT Performance system is a good one to go for. They sell on eBay and are a french company - costs around £450.
My facelift 220 had a standard system and I can tell you that THE best mod you can do is the centre res delete. Never loud in the car and no drone.
I managed to source a used Akra system from Berlin and although a deeper tone, it’s not a patch on the old setup. Still very tame, but it’s a premium, and hard to obtain, item.
Dan - if you ever want to sell your Akra tips now you’ve butchered your system, let me know :P
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#9 Posted : 17 August 2019 18:59:15(UTC)

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id love an akaprovic for my 200t but as mines phase too with no secondary cat ive been thinking of just removing centre box and see how it sounds after that.
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#10 Posted : 25 August 2019 11:11:07(UTC)

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I had a miltek fitted to mine way back many years ago when they were first made
I was disappointed with it for many years but after about 3 years it did loosen up a little and now sounds ok
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