182 Trophy ‘could double in value’ in next decade

A decade on and the Clio Renaultsport 182 Trophy is one of the soundest motoring investments money can buy, according to new magazine Modern Classics.
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The magazine, produced by Classic Car Weekly publisher Bauer Media, has just gone on sale for the first time and its debut cover feature is ‘Ten Future Icons’.

Now we were tempted not to tell you about this until we’d had time to look up, view and buy a few 182 Trophies as a mini-nest egg for ourselves. But that wouldn’t be fair.

The Modern Classics feature highlights ten classic cars from the 80s, 90s and 00s that it insists are about to boom in value.

Among the magazine’s favourites undoubtedly is the 182 Trophy which it believes could almost double in value in the short-term. Pay £5500 now for a ‘good’ example, says the magazine, and the owner will be looking at a return of £10000 by 2020. That is equivalent to around £2.70 per day for the next five years…

For one in ‘concours’ condition, meanwhile, expect currently to have to invest around £7000.

What we also liked about the article is that, after pointing out that the 182 Trophy was limited to a run of just 550 models globally (500 for the UK and 50 for Switzerland), there are now just 347 left out there.

“There’s nothing like a Trophy,” claims the feature. “Those Sachs dampers give the car spectacular poise, as if it’s hard-wired to your body. It really is the greatest quick Renault of old. The £7000 top valuation looks really low for a car of such talent.

“No other car on sale today is so much fun, let alone a ten-year-old one.”

Additionally the feature takes care to highlight areas that any 182 Trophy owner should watch for, specifically the cost of buying new Sachs dampers (£1500 per corner according to Renaultsport expert K-Tec Racing) compared to having a pair rebuilt for around £600. And while the original Turini wheels are hard to come by, Speedline replicas are available.

So, too, and on a readily accessible scale it seems are general parts, for components on the Trophy model are the same as on all other 182s.

And the news keeps getting better for investors – the 182 Trophy’s bodywork appears to have stood the test of time while, confirms K-Tec, examples with over 100,000 miles on the clock continue to perform just as well as much lesser-used versions. That means still being able to match original performance figures of 138mph (top speed) and 0-60mph in 7.1 seconds.

The hunt is well and truly on…