£72,000 Mégane Trophy-R “an absolute bargain”

So says Top Gear magazine’s Stephen Dobie after road (as opposed to track) testing Renault Sport’s latest wonder…
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Not only that but he also gave the 300hp machine a 9/10 rating – they never (or very rarely) give anything 9/10!

In spite of its outrageous design and performance, the Nurburgring front-wheel-drive lap record holder adapts perfectly to the road – even when tried on a cool, leafy, damp autumnal day.

As much as enthusiasts love previous R.S. Méganes, Stephen says this third generation of the car is the best yet, hailing it a ‘Mega Mégane’.

“It serves up a breath-taking hit of endorphins that even its scintillating ancestors – the Megane R26.R and 275 Trophy-R – can’t compete with,” he writes in this article.

Dobie’s findings are backed up by TG colleague Jack Rix who talks us through the Trophy R in this very good video that inside four minutes is still able to articulate lots of detail.

As he explains, there has been massive weight-saving and the car is available at three price points according to specifications.

Jack goes into detail about where R.S. has kept on trimming weight with the £72k version that boasts the ‘Nurburgring record pack’ and carbon ceramic brakes.

He also points out that the air duct on the bonnet does in fact feed to the engine – but instead to the diffuser underneath the car to create more downforce!

“You’ve got to love Renault’s commitment with this car,” he says.

And Top Gear’s praise continued when it pitched the Trophy-R against Porsche’s 718 Cayman GT4 around Portugal’s Portimao circuit.

We’ll leave you to read just what Ollie Kew – the scribe lucky enough to sample both cars – had to report (click here)…

Save for this final gem of a line: “Y’know what the crazy thing is? The family hatch is the more extreme machine here. So, for one more lap, I’d choose the Renault.”

About 1,000 miles north, the Trophy underwent a second track test at Bedford Autodrome in the hands of EVO magazine’s Adam Towler.

It laps half a second faster than the car he reckons is a natural rival, VW’s Golf GTi Club Sport S.

Watch the video here.