Dauphine does it!

Sixty years after it was first launched in America, Renault’s Dauphine model –driven by Renault e.dams Formula E star Nicolas Prost – has remarkably set a land speed record for a Classic Gas Coupe on Utah’s Bonneville Salt Flats.
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The record of 76.541mph was achieved on the morning of 14 August during the famous Bonneville Speed Week event.

That beats the previous CGC record for cars made between 1928 and 1981 and with an engine capacity between 754cc and 1015cc.

Also present (sent by Renault Classic ) to ‘oversee’ the Dauphine’s attempt was the manufacturer’s glorious Etoile Filante, six decades after it last appeared on the same salt flats when it clocked 308.9kph to set four world records for gas turbine-powered cars – two of which still stand today.