Eighteen reasons to rush out and grab EVO (if there’s one left)

In case you missed it, our friends at EVO magazine delivered all Renault Sport enthusiasts with an early Christmas present – an 18-page special on the cars that have given us all so many thrills these past three and a half decades.
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EVO’s ‘Renault Sport Special’ marked only the second time the UK’s top high performance monthly publication has dedicated an edition to a single marque (the other being McLaren).

It’s a fascinating read that’s added to by some magnificent photography – see the image of Clio R.S.16 Concept being chased by a 5 Turbo 1 around the Palmersport facility’s North Circuit in Bedfordshire.

Ultimately the same circuit configuration provided the backdrop for a 12-page track test including Clio V6 vs Clio Trophy, 1990s Spider two-seater sportscar, Mégane R26.R back-to-back with Mégane 275 Trophy-R and a comparison between the Clio R.S.16 and 5 Turbo 1.

A further four pages then focus on five major firsts for Renault Sport in motor sport: winning the Le Mans 24 Hours in 1978; breakthrough first win in F1 in 1979; first victory in the World Rally Championship in 1981; first British Touring Car title in 1995; first Formula E win in 2014.

Here are some notable quotes taken from the feature which is likely, we hear, to appear in EVO’s 17 international editions.

“The big-ass 5 and the Frankenstein Clio make the most fabulous and fascinating pair, for they bookend Renault's unique ambition and ability”

(Of the Clio Trophy)… “It’s unashamedly still a small French hatchback, but one that has benefited at the hands of gifted engineers who know what’s most valuable in a performance car. Engineers who favour quality dampers over premium interior plastics.”

(Of the two Méganes)… “Both chase driving dynamics and driver connection over power outputs or gimmicky handling modes.”

If you’re lucky you may still be able to grab a copy in your newsagent. If not then CLICK HERE for a taste of what you missed…