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Me & My Car: no.14

It’s likely that Newark garage owner Jordan Bank’s Clio R.S. 172 is among the biggest giant-killing track days cars anywhere in the UK.
  • Clio track car 02.jpg
  • Clio track car 03.jpg
  • Clio track car 04.jpg

There is nothing overly flash about it but any modifications have been wisely thought through and implemented in style

Jordan bought the car already in track day specification (and complete with retro R.S. rallying livery) earlier this year and quickly set about giving it a serious upgrade and overhaul.

This included:

  • Brembo® high carbon disc brakes with Ferodo™ racing pads
  • 15-inch Team Dynamics® wheels
  • Toyo® Proxes R88R semi-slick tyres
  • BC® ‘coilover’ suspension
  • Cut-away rear bumper to fit a custom exhaust
  • Flat floor in place of spare wheel well

“That’s so we can we fit a diffuser to reduce drag which is the next modification – most of the other work I’d got done in the first week,” explained Jordan.

“We’ve also recently added a performance splitter and aero ‘canards’ at the front.

“The engine and box are still standard 172, but quite a lot of weight has been saved as well – we’re now below 900kgs with fuel. We seem to easily have the measure of other Clio’s out there, whether they are 172s, 182s or 197s…”

Jordan added: “I’d fancied doing track days for a while and investing in the Clio is probably the best thing I could have done.

“When you go to tracks like Blyton or Cadwell and come up against cars that should destroy it and instead it blows them into the weeds… it’s very amusing.

“Last time out at Blyton there was a Porsche Cayman GT4, BMW M3s, Lotus Elises, stripped out Civic Type-Rs and none of them could match the Clio. The only things that probably are a bit quicker are Caterhams or Atoms.

“The handling is my favourite bit. It’s like a go kart with the change of direction and you can really feel it physically.”

Already though it seems Jordan fancies taking the 172 into battle with a few races.

He hinted: “It could be eligible for the 750MC’s hot hatch championship – you’re quite free to do what you want to your car in that one and I’ve got a few other ideas I’d like to try.”

All pics: © Xtreme Sports Photography