Me & My Car No.8

From 1.2 Dynamique to the real deal – it’d take something pretty special to drag Plymouth Renault Sport enthusiast Hollie Nelmes away from her liquid yellow 1.6 Twingo R.S.
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Hollie’s enthusiasm for Renault Sports started when back at school. “I was 13 or 14 and on the way home from school would walk in to R&S Motors in Saltashe and buy the die cast models – I’ve got a collection of about 50 now!”

As if by fate, Hollie now works at R&S as a detailer and valeter specialising in Renault Sports!

But owning her first R.S has had to wait as she also explained. “I loved the look of the R.S version so in 2010 I bought a 1.2 Twingo Dynamique – the insurance was very good and pound for pound it was one of the best cars you get with all the equipment.

“In no time I’d bought the R.S. wheels for it off a boy racer in Germany and added the R.S. diffuser and rear spoiler and put the R.S. stickers on. It didn’t make it go any faster but it looked fab – a lot of people thought it was a proper R.S.


“I had that for about four and a half years but a lot of people I knew had more powerful cars so was determined to get an R.S. My boyfriend saw a liquid yellow one on Auto Trader so we went up to Coventry and I fell in love with it immediately.

“It cost £7200 with 6000 miles on the clock. The previous owner had been an elderly gentleman who only ever drove it to the shops. The wheels were scuffed and it looked like he’d reversed it into a pole so we needed the rear bumper repairing too but I went for it.

“I can remember driving it home for the first time – a totally different car. The handling was out of this world!”

Nearly three years later Hollie is just as obsessed with her ‘yellow peril’ as she was the day she bought it. Her attention to it as a professional detailer also means it has been a bit of a star at numerous shows such as Waxstock at Coventry’s Ricoh Arena and the French Car Show at Donington Park. It also recently won ‘best in show’ at a local parade in Cornwall.

“I did test drive a few Abarths before but they just felt lifeless by comparison. It’s meant to be 133bhp as standard but with a bit of Redex in the tank and a slightly larger BMC panel filter we’ve got it up to 140bhp!

“It’s got 26,500 on the clock now but for a 13-plate that is still very low and it’d be a desirable purchase for someone because of its rarity. On saying that the only thing that would probably make me part company with it is a new Clio or Mégane R.S if ever I had the money.”

The enthusiasm for sporty Renaults is all around Hollie. Boyfriend Lee has a Megane GT and mum Pam a Clio 220 Trophy after previously owning a Twingo R.S and Mégane 250 Cup – all in glacier white.


If money were absolutely no object though Hollie knows immediately what she’d buy. “It’d have to be an Alpine A110 although more than that probably the green Néscafe Renault Laguna BTCC car – so iconic!”