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Me & my car no.9

Nick Jones has a propensity for swapping makes and models of cars but each time he’s come back to the Renault Sport brand and this time it’s for good. We think…
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This will make some lovers of the R.S. badge cringe – Nick thinks nothing of putting tens of thousand miles on his cars in a year. His job as a construction site manager demands he travels and he sees no reason why a sporty car can’t be just as effective for commuting.


Now this will definitely make R.S. fans cringe: “I was more into Vauxhalls before Renaults but then I saw the light… they are such good value for money, particularly on reliability.”

My first R.S. was a Mégane 225.  A Honda Civic Type-R and then a Corsa VXR followed by… his second R.S., a Clio 197 Cup “which I absolutely loved. It never felt like it would break, regardless of how much I strangled it.


“But then I saw a blue Mégane 225 Renault F1 Team. It was three years old with only 435 miles on the clock! I kept it for 15 months and clocked up 40,000 miles in it! It was fantastic. I also had it tuned up to 260bhp. Eventually it started to make some noises which I couldn’t trace so I sold it.”

Back to the dark side, Nick went with another Corsa VXR (“I hated it”) followed by a Honda Integra Type-R, Audi S3 and another Civic Type-R.


For the last five years or so however it’s been Renault Sports all the way for Nick – many within the community will probably know him as a moderator on a number of forums (RSMegane.com, Renaultsportclub.co.uk and Meganesport.net – he’s also the West Midlands regional representative for the latter).


“I had a Nimbus Grey Clio 197 and kept it for a year. Another wonderful car: build, performance… you name it, everything was great.

“That was followed by a Clio 182 in Racing Blue. It was an itch I had to scratch and it was everything I hoped for. I kept that for two and a half years – a record by my standards!

“I put 30,000 miles on it and still sold it for more than I paid for it, although I did have some work done to it – lowered suspension, ‘catback’ exhaust, re-mapping. I also had Recaro seats fitted out of a Clio Trophy, chassis 007 which was stitched into the sides of the seats. The car had been written off and the seats were being sold on Cliosport.net!


“Finally I got hold of the silver Clio 200 Silverstone that I still own today. I’ve had a full Mégane R26 conversion done to it – the original 2.0 normally aspirated engine is now turbocharged with 194bhp becoming 270bhp! Amazingly, with the diffs and gearbox, it makes it easier to drive, even in the snow.


“I’ve no plans to get rid of it any time soon, particularly after all the work on it. Yes, I’ve tried lots of other cars but at the end of the day I just cannot gel with other makes like I can Renault Sports.”