Me & my car: No13

Children at one primary school in Cambridgeshire think their teacher Mr Thomson is cool. The reason is simple: he owns a Mégane R.S. 265.
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Matt (that’s Mr Thomson to you) bought the car from his brother Mark 18 months ago. That’s because Mark wanted a 275 which he now owns.

In fact Renaults run in the family. Their mum has owned three Lagunas and Matt himself started out with a “pretty basic” Clio.

The 265 though is a whole different animal and Matt has no regrets. Little do the kids at school know where it might have been on a given weekend when it turns up in the school car park on a Monday morning.

“I’m part of the Renaultsportclub.co.uk club and I do like to do the drives and shows they help organise for members,” said Matt. 

“The French Car Show at Donington Park in July was cool and we recently (September) did the Mach Run in Wales around Machynlleth in Wales for the Welsh Air Ambulance.

“I bought it from Mark with 65,000 miles on the clock. It’s at the 80,000 mark now and I’m now looking at upgrading the suspension and a few other areas to bring it up to Trophy standard. I want to own it for some time and keep it as a collector’s item.

“Compared to other stuff which seemed a bit brash this was understated – it wasn’t common, I liked it and it’s my kind of car. It’s got the performance without needing to shout about it.”

It was another time in Wales that Matt says he enjoyed his best experience so far with the 265. “Heading over the Llanberis Pass in Snowdonia at sunset on the way to a friend’s wedding – that’s a great road and I just remember thinking ‘this is what it’s all about’!”

“It’s fair to say it goes down pretty well with the children,” continued Matt, happy to be known as Mr Thomson with the cool sporty Mégane.