Mégane R.S. 300 Trophy goes on sale in UK

Orders for Renault Sport’s sensational new Mégane R.S. 300 Trophy have opened!

The Trophy follows on from the new Mégane R.S. which was launched in the UK in 2018 but is up by 20hp to 300hp.
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On the road (OTR) prices start from £31,810* for the six-speed manual gearbox model. Its six-speed automatic EDC (paddle shift) alternative is priced £33,510 OTR*.

Distinguishing features include lightweight 19-inch ‘Jerez’ alloy wheels (a weight saving of 2kg per corner) and Trophy stripes on the F1™-inspired front spoiler.

There is also a 0-62mph time of 5.7 seconds compared to 5.8s for the 280 version. The 300hp is achieved at 6000rpm…

Meanwhile a top speed of 162mph has been given for the manual version, 158mph for the automatic.

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A real talking point of the new Mégane R.S. is its four-wheel steering system (4CONTROL) which improves high speed stability while torque has also been increased to 400Nm (manual version) and 420Nm (with EDC gearbox).

Other pioneering technologies have been well documented but it is worth reminding that these extend to the engine – using tricks learnt in Formula 1™, its turbine spins at up to 200,000rpm thanks to the use of a ceramic ball bearing system. This reduces friction by a third compared to a traditional ball bearing system and therefore aids acceleration and responsiveness.

In addition, a rear silencer has been fitted with a mechanical valve that enables the engine note to be adjusted – a first in the R.S. range.

The 300 Trophy is equipped with the Cup (extra performance) chassis as standard.

The car also continues the much celebrated Mégane R.S. line that date back some 15 years…

The first Mégane R.S. 300 Trophy appeared in 2005, nine months after the first Mégane II R.S. went on sale. The modifications were focused on the chassis, called Sport2. Lighter wheels, stiffer springs, specific shock absorber stops and ESP that could be switched off all improved the car’s performance.

After the production version went on sale in 2009, a 265 Trophy version of Mégane III R.S. was introduced in 2011. Based on the Cup chassis, it was fitted with an upgraded engine, with the power output increased from 250 to 265hp. Its performance made it the quickest front-wheel drive production model on the market, as proven by the lap record of 8:07.97 set by Laurent Hurgon on the Nordschleife at the Nürburgring. It was also a commercial success, with sales ending up twice the level that had been forecast.

The final iteration based on Mégane III went even further in the quest for performance. As its name suggests, the 275 Trophy boasted an upgraded engine, with additional power. This Trophy also featured an Akrapovič titanium exhaust system, reduced weight and Öhlins shock absorbers as an option.