New Clio race, rally & rallycross models available to order

Orders are now being taken for Renault Sport Racing’s new Clio Cup car that comes available in race, rally or rallycross specifications.
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A new Clio Cup UK race championship has already been announced for 2020 using competition spec versions of the latest fifth generation Clio model.

This will appear at five British GT Championship events plus two more fixtures overseas.

Promoter R.S. Promotions has confirmed the cost to register for the championship will come in at around just £8,000 + vat per drivers (this covers participation in all seven events including the two abroad).

The price of the Clio Cup race car has also been confirmed at less than £32,000 +vat (correct based on £/€ exchange rate at time of going to press).

The car is powered by a 1.3 turbocharged engine delivering 180bhp / 300Nm of torque. A full tech spec of the car is available from the new ClioCupUK.com website.

Clio Cup UK has the support of Renault Sport Racing (RSR) which is keen for the championship to appeal to amateur enthusiasts just as much as ‘Pro’ career-minded drivers.

For all Clio Cup UK championship enquiries please email info@rspromotions.net

Meanwhile RSR has confirmed the rallycross (Clio RX) and rally (Clio Rally) spec versions of the car will be priced at €36,900 and €42,000 respectively. Both will use the same four-cylinder engine in the Clio Cup race car.

Delivery of the assembled New Clios will begin in the first quarter of 2020 for competitors entered in the trophies/championships organised by Renault Sport Racing and its affiliated promoters.

These will be followed by a second wave of cars for customers looking to to compete in private programmes in other disciplines.

To learn more about the technical specifications of each version, click below:

Clio Cup

Clio Rally

Clio RX

UK enquiries about the Rally and RX spec models should also be made via the r_sport_uk@hotmail.com email address.