Pump up the volume! Take a unique ride with 110 years of Renault Sport’s greatest

This is one of the most exciting videos we’ve seen all year – go on board with a 360-degree ‘tilt and view’ camera with some of Renault Sport’s greatest creations and noises at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
  • 360 videos from Goodwood.jpg

There are in fact four videos to choose from:

Simply click and drag your cursor around the screen for endless mind-boggling angles.

Actually make that five videos if you want to include this one – a ‘quick clips collage’ of all the above plus more in-car footage from the chug-chugging-along 13-litre Type AK (winner of the 770-mile French Grand Prix in 1906) to Renault’s first F1 machine, the RS01 from 1977.

Ragnotti and 5 Maxi Turbo are perhaps our favourite purely for the bonnet-mounted camera – use your cursor to spin round to see back up the car’s nose to the screen and an occasional glimpse of Eighties Monte Carlo Rally winner Ragnotti’s hands at the wheel.

Certainly the noise emanating through the screen from that 1.4-litre 345hp turbocharged engine is enough to make any motorsport fan rush out and by a pair of very expensive headphones!

RS01, with ex-Renault F1 race-winner Rene Arnoux in control, comes a very close second however… As does current Renault Sport Formula One Team driver Jolyon Palmer laying down black lines of rubber in newer F1 machinery (complete with screaming 3.5 V8 Renault engine) for a highly appreciative crowd.

The 275hp Clio Renaultsport R.S.16 also causes the edges of the mouth to curl up towards the end of its run when, guess what, it appears to catch something. Rather quickly… It wasn’t meant to do that.

Whichever your favourite, each is a video to savour and encapsulates the breadth of Renault Sport’s innovative motor sport thinking and prowess for over more than a century.