Race, rally & rallycross possibilities for All-New CLIO machine

Renault Sport Racing’s proud history of producing cars for or organising motor sport categories using competition-specification versions of its road models has entered a new chapter with the launch of All-New CLIO.
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During last weekend’s French Formula 1 Grand Prix event, RSR allowed guests and media to get a first glimpse of its All-New CLIO competition car via a virtual presentation.

CLICK HERE to watch the presentation.

However, while a number of race championships are expected to be run for the All-New CLIO across Europe, it will significantly also be available for customers to use in rallying and rallycross.

This will be achievable by purchasing dedicated ‘kits’: Clio Cup, Clio Rally or Clio RX.

It means the same car could, in theory, be used across all three disciplines as one kit is swapped for another.

The car is fitted with a highly efficient 1.3 turbocharged (TCe) engine developed by Renault Sport.

The first physical versions of the car in race, rally and rallycross specification are expected to be seen shortly after the summer with commercialisation – the ability to place orders – from October onwards.

Ever since its conception in the early Nineties, Renault’s CLIO model has been among the most popular cars of choice across racing and rallying around the world.

These range from the mighty CLIO Maxi rally cars of the mid-Nineties through to CLIO 172s, 182s, 197s and 200s/220s used on track and stage by thousands of privateer customers in a variety of series and championships, including those officially supported by Renault Sport.