Renault Sport wows F1 world with 2027 vision

Renault Sport has stunned the automotive and motor sport worlds with its idea of what Formula 1 cars might look like in ten years’ time with this – its R.S. 2027 Vision concept.
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The model is real, albeit static – it was unveiled at the recent Auto Shangai motor show (19 April).

The stuff in the video is CGI but we love it! Notably it includes clips of Renault’s first F1 car, the R.S.01 from 1977, which 40 years ago pioneered turbo charging in the sport…

Just as with R.S.01 four decades ago, so the R.S. 2027 underlines Renault Sport’s visionary approach. Part of the concept’s design includes much of the manufacturer’s electronic technologies – an area in which it one of the very best in the as borne out by successes such as those in FIA Formula E and even the recent launch of the 450bhp ZOE e-concept

Stand out features on the R.S.2027 include:

  • A transparent cockpit and crash helmet allowing fans to see more of the driver during the heat of battle
  • Active LED lighting incorporated into the wheels to add to the spectacle
  • Moving aerodynamic parts such as active wings
  • An ultra-resistant polycarbonate cockpit canopy to increase driver safety – this is in autonomous mode and can be activated prior to an accident
  • Greater interaction between with fans who will be able to view the telemetry driver of their favourite driver for example
  • Extra performance using Groupe Renault’s expertise in four-wheel-drive, four-wheel-steering and very high-energy density batteries
  • An even more environmentally respectful F1 with a fuel tank just half the size of those used now plus a fully electric mode along the pit lane to add to
    C-shaped lighting that has become a signature of Renault’s road vehicles.


Renault Sport Racing’s Managing Director Cyril Abiteboul commented: “One role of Renault Sport Racing is to anticipate the future of Formula 1 so that it draws a maximum number of fans in an environment consistent with Groupe Renault’s objectives.

“We look forward to generating inspired conversations with the racing community, fans and enthusiasts through this concept that highlights our ideas and desires.”