Stunning R.S. VISION headlight design for new-look Clio 200 EDC & 220 Trophy models

Renault Sport has given its 200 EDC and 220 Trophy Clio models extra va va voom with performance-enhancing upgrades to lights (R.S. VISION), wheels and exhaust system which will be available to order in September.
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A part of the recently launched Clio R.S.16 ‘concept’ is immediately being offered as an optional extra for 220 Trophy owners – namely an exclusive Akrapovic exhaust system that delivers a distinctive engine note.

Newly-styled 17 or 18-inch wheels – which hark back to those seen on previous favourite Renault Sport Clios – add to the appeal.

But perhaps the most visible difference is the front lighting cluster – called R.S. VISION and also seen on the R.S.16 at launch at the Monaco Grand Prix.

R.S. VISION comes on the 200 EDC and 220 EDC Trophy models and has required a re-styling of the front bumper to accommodate the cluster.

The powerful LED multi-faceted lighting takes the form of a chequered flag and co-ordinates the vehicle’s fog, cornering and side lights as well as dipped and main beams to enhance night-time visibility.

Patrice Ratti, CEO, Renault Sport Cars, announced: “The new Clio R.S. offers the full spectrum of Renault Sport technology for immediate driving pleasure. At launch, each customer will be able to choose from three types of chassis and two power outputs. The model also inaugurates the highly efficient and innovative R.S. VISION lighting system, Renault Sport’s exclusive lighting signature.”