“Turning heads” on North Coast 500 road trip

In time honoured tradition, Renault Sport owners turned out to drive the fabled North Coast 500 route together in late June/early July.
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Members of the Renault Sport Owners Club gathered ‘en masse’ at Glasgow before converging at the route’s ‘official’ starting point of Inverness.

Some owners had travelled from southern England – meaning with the ‘500’ included a round-trip of some 1,700 miles!

The most popular model of choice by far was the Mégane R.S, in a number its iterations dating back over a decade.

These included the very latest 300 Trophy and 280 versions as well as 225, 250, R-26 F1 and 265 Trophy…

From Inverness, the route followed a mammoth, week-long 500-mile drive of some of the finest roads in the UK that make up the NC500 taking owners and their cars onwards to Applecross, then north along the west coastal route and across to John O’Groats. From there they then moved south inland to Glenshee before moving west and back to Inverness.

The road trip was the latest gathering of R.S. enthusiasts in the UK to be organised by the Owners Club (the first having been at January’s Autosport International Show at NEC Birmingham).

Club co-founder Nigel Jones said: “We have done the North Coast 500 for some years now it just gets better every time.”

“There are some great single track roads and off-camber turns that could have been designed with Renault Sport’s cars in mind!”

“Plus, the scenery is nothing ever short of spectacular and even through the remotest parts we visited our single file line of Renault Sports were turning heads.”

“Just as satisfying, though, is the social side among the owners – the banter and support for one another is one of the best things about the R.S. community.”

The Owners Club now has an estimated 5,500 members and its on-line pages can attract over 15,000 people at any one time.

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