VIDEO: evo track battle decides Renault one make racing’s champion of champions (sort of)

It’s a race all Renault Sport fans have been calling for – four of Renault Sport’s finest single-model competition machines from the past four decades go head-to-head at Rockingham with our friends from leading performance car read evo.
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Contributing editor Jethro Bovingdon took to the wheel of a 1.4-litre, 120hp 5 GT Turbo from 1985, Le Mans legend Andy Wallace a 1.8 16V 140hp Clio from 1992, endurance racing pro’ Marino Franchitti a 2.0 180hp Clio Renaultsport from 2000 and resident racer Dickie Meaden the latest 1.6 turbocharged 220hp UK Clio Cup machine.

Using the same circuit lay-out as raced on by the UK Clio Cup each year at Rockingham, a handicap race – with cars setting off at different times based on theoretical performance – over four laps was to decide the eventual winner.

We’ll leave you to sit back and watch the 12-minute film (already view by 170,000 people) and decide for yourself – indeed be prepared for an element of skulduggery even before the race gets under way! With front and rear-facing on-board cameras and each driver wired for sound, there is plenty to ponder during and after…

Regardless, the video is yet another fitting tribute to Renault’s glorious racing past in Britain which in 2016 has reached another milestone with April marking 25 years since the first UK Clio Cup race was held at Donington way back in 1991 (an interview with the winner that day, Steve Wauby, has had to be rescheduled for a future edition due to the insane amount of Renault Sport news currently)!

Meanwhile CLICK HERE to see Messrs Bovingdon, Wallace, Franchitti and Meaden and those four fab Renaults in action at Rockingham.