What we found on the internet

A search of the internet can throw up all sorts of weird and wonderful Renault Sport-themed videos, new and old. Here are four we’ve come across in October…
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Danny Ric’s in a Clio V6

Renault F1 Team driver Daniel Ricciardo’s ‘Taxi’ video in a Clio R.S. V6 with Top Gear’s Jack Rix has been up a few months and already attracted over half a million viewers.

Jack invited ‘Danny Ric’ to take the wheel of a ‘Phase 2’ version of the outrageous mid-engined V6, of the late Nineties/early Noughties.

During their 15-minute road trip Ricciardo discusses all sorts from Australian slang to motorsport heroes and thoughts on his move to the Renault F1 Team, plus he learns more about the V6’s heritage and brutal reputation.

CLICK HERE to view the video.

Ragnotti magic!

Was ever there a driver more at one with any car in the history of motor sport than Jean Ragnotti and Renault’s Clio rally ‘Maxi’ in the mid-Nineties?

Viewed over 650,000 times, this five-minute video pays tribute to asphalt specialist ‘Jeanno’ – particularly during his time at the wheel of those famous silver Diac Clios from 1993-1995.

There are also quick glimpses of him flinging various other Renaults about to inch perfection (minus the odd bump) on rally stages in his native France, including a Group B 5 Turbo, late Eighties 5 GT Turbo and the Maxi Mégane that succeeded the Clio.

Consider also that Ragnotti is now 74 years old making him 50 or so when many of these clips were filmed – not bad for someone at an age when most of us apparently start to ‘slow down’ a little in life!

It also gives an insight into why he lost a previous job as a flower delivery driver!

Similarly, just how abnormally brave his co-drivers must have been – either that, or how confident they were in his abilities…

First glimpse: 2020 Clio Rally car

Fast forward to modern times and Renault Sport Racing has just launched its new ‘fifth generation’ Clio Rally car – and with it this one-minute ‘shortie’.

The footage shows the 1.3 turbocharged car in a striking black livery being put through its paces on an asphalt stage somewhere in France.

The car will form the basis of Renault Sport Racing’s single model rally championship for its Clio in 2020 – effectively replacing the 220 Trophy that has been used in recent years.

It is also available to import for rally competition in the UK, meeting latest FIA requirements.

For all enquiries about this 2020 Clio in its Rally, Cup (race) or even Rallycross guide, please contact appointed Renault Sport UK importer R.Sport Ltd:

Denise Trigg or John Millett
Tel: +44 (0)7733 330421 or +44 (0)7990 520010
Email: r_sport_uk@hotmail.com

Street racing 5 GT Turbos!

For those old enough to recall, Birmingham used to host a major Super Prix motor racing event on a specially constructed road circuit through its city centre.

In 1986, cars from the Renault UK/Elf-backed 5 GT Turbo race series were on the grid for one of the races supporting the headlining FIA Formula 3000 category.

And while that meant added kudos for the teams and drivers it also brought some unforeseen frustrations as highlighted in this video which follows then-BBC Top Gear reporter Chris Goffey’s attempts at the race.