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A search of the internet can throw up all sorts of weird and wonderful Renault Sport-themed content, new and old. Here’s some we’ve come across …
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Caffeine & Machine

There was a very definitive sniff of R.S. in the air in Warwickshire (Sun 17 Nov) when owners converged on the popular annual Caffeine & Machine gathering.

We hope to bring you more on the event at which Renault UK gave the all new Mégane R.S. Trophy-R one of its first UK airings.

As we were going to press, though, a number of Facebook posts started to emerge on the Renaultsportclub.co.uk community’s page.

Daniel Marsh posted an incredible 76 images (CLICK HERE), stating how impressed he was with the turn-out of Méganes.

And Club member Lee Hollyer added a further ten pics, happy to meet up with fellow gallery Clio Silverstone GP owners!

Don’t try this at home

The words: ‘Renault 5 turbo 2 dyno-tuning in Finland’ – how couldn’t anyone click on that!?

This three-minute video on YouTube is something else.

It shows one owner of a mid-Eighties 5 Turbo 2 (we assume somewhere in Finland) putting their car through its paces in the workshop with a bit of turbo tinkering for good measure.

Turn up the volume, enjoy the flames. And watch that ratchet strap take the strain!

You choose

The British National Anthem ‘God Save The Queen’ or ‘We Are The Champions’?

It’s been viewed over 4 million times but we still think it’s worth another look…

This video by Chris Billett on YouTube shows the Renault F1 Team back in 2005 (or 2006 – he’s not sure) running its then-V8 engine to a pre-programmed set of revs.

Hey presto, it plays the British National Anthem before a crowd at the Goodwood Festival Speed!

But it wasn’t done, as can be seen/heard in this clip from Rik4010 (1.6m views) when there’s another Royal overtone as the engine bursts into Queen’s ‘We Are The Champions’!

The Renault F1 Team is, of course, an Anglo-French operation so things wouldn’t be complete without this third clip from Normalfreeak (660,000 views) of the engine playing La Marseillaise!

Le progrès

Same helmet, same driver, different cars.

It’s five years since the 275 Trophy-R Mégane achieved its famous front-wheel-drive lap record around the world famous Nurburgring ‘Nordschleife’ circuit in Germany.

Here’s the video from inside the car in 2014 showing R.S. test and development driver Laurent Hurgon’s full lap in 7 minutes, 54.36 seconds.

But then fast forward to his effort from earlier this year in Renault Sport’s latest 300 Trophy-R…

He stops the clocks this time in just 7 minutes, 40.10 seconds – a mind-boggling 14 or more seconds faster!

Each video has its heart-stopping moments, from the 275 Trophy-R ‘going light’ as it rises the crest approaching the infamous Flugplatz bend to the 300 Trophy nudging a fearsome 257kmh as Hurgon prepares for the final sequence of bends (Hohenrain).

Both videos make for compelling viewing and show the rate of progress made by Renault Sport’s technical team between their much loved 275 Trophy-R and its successor.


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