Edwards praises Clio Cup car’s safety design and hopes to return at Croft

Jade Edwards has praised the Renault UK Clio Cup race car after its safety design came to her rescue during a sizeable crash at Oulton Park.
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Edwards’s MRM Clio Cup car barrel rolled along a barrier at high speed after being sent into a spin in a brush with WDE Motorsport’s Sam Osborne on the second race’s opening lap.

The incident was made all the more dramatic as ITV4 was broadcasting live images from an on-board camera inside Edwards’s car at the time… CLICK HERE to watch.

Despite the heavy prang, Edwards was able to swiftly extricate herself from her upturned car and was perfectly fine.

She commented: “The design of this car is fantastic – Renault Sport have really done their job again with the safety features they’ve built into it which became all the more apparent the more I looked around the car later in the day and the way it had stood up to a proper knock.

“The design and strength of the car are certainly responsible for the fact I’ve not got a mark on me. Sure, it’s not the way I want to end a race but I’m just grateful it was in a car with this sort of integrity.”

Edwards has been on a run of strong results with MRM of late with a career best eighth at Donington Park being followed by a seventh at Thruxton where she also qualified a highest fifth on the grid.

She added: “I don’t want to lose that momentum because of this accident. Fingers crossed I can be out at the next event at Croft and, again, hats off to Renault Sport who are being really supportive with technical back up to try and help make that happen.”